Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh, joy! Rapture!

In my vast experience, you either love or hate the Necco wafer.  There is no in-between.  You may not like a certain flavor (licorice? really? blech...) but you toss those aside and devour the rest. Or you just shun the entire roll.  Like my mother.  Who shudders and acts like someone is showing her a Madagascar hissing cockroach and yells "OH! God! No! How could you EAT that?" like she's watching a cannibal in action.  Anyway, I heart the Necco wafer.  In Sunday school, my teacher used to use them as practice wafers when we were making our First Holy Communion (I think I'm supposed to capitalize that), which I believe may have been sacriligeous but I don't know all the rules.  I won't lie--the traditional eight-flavor pack doesn't always do it for me.  One of the greatest candy moments of my life was the discovery of the chocolate Necco roll. We were visiting my grandparents in Oakdale, PA and my brother and I used to beg to go to the store across the street to get candy.  In our young brains, candy was completely different from one side of the state to the other.  I nearly became apopleptic the first time I saw that lovely roll of "chocolate." 

What's the point of this, you say? This weekend, in my travels, I happened upon....THIS!!!

Go ahead. Click on it. Enlarge it.  Drool a little.  That's right--FOUR chocolate flavors. In one roll.  White chocolate (my favorite), milk and dark chocolate, and mocha.  Someone at the New England Confectionary Company knows what makes me tick, that's for sure.  I'm ready to head back out and buy the entire box.  If you see them, give 'em a shot.  Unless you're one of those people I don't understand who can't see fit to give the Necco wafer its due.

Just thought I'd share.  Off to sew a bit.  Happy trails!

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