Thursday, September 29, 2011

Come and Knock on My Door

This week's quilt block's instructions were "make a house and a tree." Done and done. I felt six years old again. Or twelve. Or twenty-two. I'm severely limited when it comes to things I can draw, and have always always always drawn the same things. A bird. A rainbow. A flower that looks more like a lollipop. And a house with a tree next to it. If you asked my mom to pull out all my old drawings that is invariably what you would be looking at. My entire artistic life would appear to have been in preparation for this quilt block. It's in red and white, so it's not as realistic as my crayon and marker drawings, but I like it, and I'm a wee bit proud of myself - these improv blocks are not in my comfort zone. Look at the odd shapes you have to throw in there just to square things up a bit:

OK, so triangles aren't really odd as far as shapes go, but it's not the nice and tidy look I like. I tried to keep everything as square as possible so I wouldn't have to sew on too many crazy shapes and have a butt ton of seams like last week. My favorite part was the window - I should have made a few more, but they were tiny pieces and quite tedious to sew.

And here's the whole shebang -

It's like there's a crazy cherry blizzard going on, and some cherry smoke coming out of the polka dot chimney. Must be nice and cozy in there. Contrary to my go-with-it philosophy, I did redo the tree portion of this. The first tree was huuuuuuuge, and left me without room for the border. I did not like it at all without the border, so I reworked it just a little bit and I think it's much better. I didn't realize until just now that I forgot to take a picture...

My new even feed foot arrived today and I can't wait to use it! Hopefully the next thing I have to show you is a finished Little Apples quilt. Happy Friday! It seems like it took forever to get here. I'm still in shock that September is outta here....

Zachisms and Fall Crafts

I don't like not popping in to say hi, even when I don't have much craftiness to share. So...hi! I was working on a cute little Halloween project this week, but now I'm not. It has been redirected to landfill at the nephew's suggestion. I was trying to crochet these cute little ghosts I had seen that held up crocheted letters that said Boo! I tried 4 different ghost patterns (because the one in the pattern was less than satisfactory) and none of them looked good. According to the nephew, they looked like snowmen, weird fruit, nothing real, and white poop. Not ghosts. Not even when I told him that's what they were supposed to be. He said "No, I would never think ghosts." I hated to agree, but I had to agree. Except I was thinking dinner bell, whipped cream dollop, and WTF is that? All agreed I should move on. So I will. But I had to share. Kid honesty is the best. I'm hoping the project I just stocked up on yarn for will turn out much better...

In other Zach-isms, he said to me the other day "Aunt Bee--can I have one of your smiley face cookies?" I said "How come you're asking me instead of Mom-mom?" (I am always very interested in a kid's thought processes, so I always ask weird and unnecessary questions--plus he usually asks my mom for whatever he wants). He gave me a "really?" look and said "They just look like something you would have." Does that kid know me or what? And finally, I told him the other day that this weekend we were all going to drive around and take pictures of us planking. Nobody knew what that was (and I had to look it up myself when I first heard of it--I thought it was this) so I explained it to him. I was informed "That's probably the dumbest thing ever." Agreed. We were playing a card game when I told him this, and a little while later when the adults were arguing over points this loud little voice pipes up that says "Hellooo!! I'm planking over here!" And indeed he was. I love that kid! And no, we're not driving around planking this weekend.

The interwebs are full of autumn and Halloween fun, but I haven't had much time to join in (other than my pillow from the other day). In the event that I just don't get anything new done this year, here are a couple tutorials I posted last year in case you want a few easy projects:

I am almost finished with this week's quilt block. I guess I could technically be already finished, but it's going to irk me if I don't change something about it. It's going against my "just go with it" quilting philosophy, but when something is on my mind overnight I know I have to fix the situation. See you soon!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

We all fall down!

On Saturday I woke up with big plans to finish my Little Apples quilt. Then I rolled over and went back to sleep. Eventually I got my act together and started quilting. I was going to do a simple zig-zag pattern, but no matter what I did the fabric kept smooshing and shifting, and I found myself picking stitches out until my fingers hurt. This had happened on my past two quilts (Bliss and Sherbet Pips) but I fought through it. I was using my walking foot, and thought it might be my machine so I switched to my old one, but had the same problem. Then it hit me what the problem was - my walking foot was not walking. It was functioning as a regular presser foot and making my quilts a ferlipping mess! Any issues aren't terribly evident on the other 2 quilts, but there was no way I could continue to make this one without it looking absolutely horrid. I tried to repair it, but I believe I lost a spring along the way. So I promptly ordered a new one and am very excited for it to get here. I don't know if I'm more excited for the new foot or the quilting guide it comes with - no more taping out my lines or winging it - woot!!!

I was really in the mood for something bright and fallish and fun, so I used the "now what do I make?" time as an opportunity to knock out a project I had on my list for my mumsy. I enjoyed every single step of making this - and it really didn't take very long. Pretty much an afternoon project (an early lunch-late dinner longer sort of afternoon, but an afternoon nonetheless). Here it is:

Would you believe I've never made a pillow before? I am so in love with how this turned out. I traced everything onto sewable Heat n' Bond, cut, fused and did some stitching. It was really so simple I kind of want to applique a lot of other things.... I stitched the trunk and branches of the tree to give it a little bit of texture - it makes it look more like a real tree:

I did some decorative stitches on the leaves - they look a little like the real veins (?) on leaves. I used brown thread to tone down the colors - they were a little too bright. I like too bright, but my mom likes more muted tones. The stitching took care of it (I think --you can tell me if I'm wrong. It won't hurt my feelings).

The background is a plain unbleached muslin. I had bought it for something, but I couldn't remember what it was. I had a little saying I wanted to stitch on it, and the muslin was nice and sturdy for it.

I need for you to know :) that I can stitch much better than that. I was actually going to do it in cursive, but when I asked my mother what she wanted she said "crooked print." My favorite part is the leaves that have fallen -

I'm excited I finally got a fall project done. Hopefully I'll have a quilt to show you next week. I've also got some hooker adventures coming up (the crochet kind. Naughty :)  Now all we need is for the humidity to leave so that it actually feels like fall. Anybody else slightly in shock that it is almost October? Also--I didn't forget about the giveaway I mentioned...I just need to find some time to gather some goodies. Have a good week, lovelies!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beacon Light Becomes Beacon Blight Once I Get My Hands On It

This week's quilt block was a challenge for sure. When it comes to quilts I am not very creative. When presented with a layer cake I am more likely to think "Oh, I'll just sew all these big squares together" instead of "I can cut this up and create an interesting layout." Quilting is one of those things where I need to be told what to do. When I saw the instructions for this block my first thought was "I'm not doing this!" But I'm glad I did. It took me waaaay out of my comfort zone, though.

The block layout is very simple in and of itself. The hard part is that you have to make your own fabric. Not weave and dye it, but sew all kinds of crazy patchwork that you cut and reassemble over and over until you have something that doesn't really look possible. I'm not sure if I did it "right," if there is a right way to do this. I just dumped out my scrap bag and did whatever. Here's the finished block:

It's an improvement over last week because you can see more of the star, but I should have nixed any of the white prints and stuck with the reds to make it stand out more. This baby is seam-a-licious; it was beastly to iron at times and I'm curious what it's going to be like to quilt over those thick folds. Here's what it looks like from the back:

Since I kept cutting willy-nilly some of my pieces got munched into a seam and then cut off during the trimming.  The center of the block looks like one hot mess of patchwork.

As I was moving along I was really liking the "fabric" I was creating. I was tempted to just keep going with it and not make the finished block at all, but my curiosity won out and I made it as directed. Looking at the pictures I kind of wish I had just left it:

The one on the bottom becomes the center of the block. The one on the top gets hacked to make quarter square triangles. I would certainly not make an entire quilt using this method. I am hoping this week's block is a bit easier as I don't know if I can take another night of this. It took a loooong time.

Everything I sewed this week was either in black/gray or kind of tough (like this block). I need to go scrounge me up something that is fun and colorful...

Stupid, smiley, and safe

So here's a random post for you.

First: I discovered somethng this week about my sewing machine that has made me feel quite stupid. I'm thrilled to have discovered it, though, so I'm not hurting my own feelings too much by calling my own intelligence into question. Oftentimes I come across an instruction that says "Move your needle a few clicks to the right." For almost four years now I have been convinced that my needle can only move to the left. I am pretty sure my machine can do anything I ask of it, except move the needle position to the right. Unless you put it in stitch width selection mode. Because then increasing the number moves the needle to the right and decreasing it moves it to the left. This has helped me sooo much already with top-stitching; I cannot believe I haven't figured this out before. I'm going to pull out my old Singer and see if that was doable on it. I don't know why people don't tell a person these things....

Second: I came home from work yesterday and my mom said "You have a package in the dining room." I wasn't expecting anything, and I had no idea who would be sending me anything. I searched my brain for any giveaway I may have won, or for any reason I'd be receiving something. It took me a few minutes to open it because I try to figure out the surprise before I open the box. This really annoys people, by the way. So I finally opened it and here's what was inside:

 Definitely having ideas for that it so me or what?

One dozen yummy, sweet, yummy cookies in rainbow smiley face colors, and a matching coffee mug. Mine recently bit the dust and I keep forgetting to get a new one, so yay!

Digging though I found a cute little note from my aunt and uncle in Indiana (fun fact: they're from the same town that Jim Davis, creator of Garfield, is from. Well...that's a fun fact for me, not sure how fun it is for you). They sent me a little congratulatory gift for winning the Philly MVB competition. Isn't that the sweetest?!?!

And finally, I was doing my pre-bed blog browsing and I saw a great post that Reba over at R.Kay Design just wrote. It's a very handy list of safety tips to keep in mind when you're hacking into your fabric and then pinning and stitching it all back together. Most of it should be common sense, but sometimes, when you've been doing something for a long time, it's easy to become complacent, and that's when an injury can happen. Check out the post here for a sewing safety refresher.

So that's what I've got for now. Have a good 'un!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Preppy Clutch Purse

Last night after aerobics I decided I needed to make this purse. I thought about it the whole class, and you would think that it was some great, novel idea instead of something I've made oodles of. But the difference, you see, is that it wouldn't be made of cotton and I'd embellish it. And no matter how simple the idea, once it's in my head I can't let go of it until I've made it or have a very good reason not to. I didn't have a good reason, so onward I went. The result looked a little different in my head (I imagined it in a plaid, and this is clearly NOT a plaid) but I like it very much anyway. Side note: last year I had this delightful black and gray plaid that I used every last scrap of. It was the most perfect color and style and texture, and when I imagine preppy winter bags it is in this fabric. I have yet to find anything like it, and so I suffer some slight disappointment each time I make something akin to it that is NOT it but is my feeble attempt to replicate it. Anyway, here's the purse:

I still love the fabric - it's very soft and warm. It looks and feels like wool, but is actually cotton. I like how the herringbone houndstooth (I ALWAYS call it the wrong thing) pattern is kind of subtle and not so high-contrast as black and white. My thinking was that it would make a cute purse for winter/fall when you don't want to lug your whole bag but want something cute and stylish just the same. It fits all the essentials, and I think would be adorable for a cozy winter date or even a wedding (my sister's stomach probably just lurched thinking of this bag at a wedding, but I would carry it to one - she's much more stylish than I am :)

My original idea for an embellishment was a flower. I had it going and it was looking good, but finishing it off in any way that was secure enough for this and that I would be satisfied with wasn't happening, so I went with a big yoyo and a few buttons. It's a little larger than I thought it would be, but I think it adds a nice touch. I can't decide if it would be better without the red button...I thought it needed a little pop of color, but now I don't know if the black would have been fine too. I guess I'll have to make another. I have just enough of this fabric left for a small project.

And here's the inside:

This has been in my stash for some time and I feel like it was waiting for this purse to happen. I'm not a big maroon/burgundy fan, but when it's paired with gray I love it. I thought this would whip up pretty quickly, and it would have if I didn't have such a hard time with the initial flower. These are some of my favorite purses to make - they're pretty quick and make a pretty satisfying little project.

I made up this week's quilt block tonight, and I think its goal was to try and kill me. Oh. My. Word. Holy seams! I'm not entirely pleased with my end result, but I was pretty proud of myself for getting out of my comfort zone with this one. Pics to come later this week! Hope your Wednesday is so good it makes you feel like it's Friday!

I'm doubling up on my linkies this week - woot!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Not a murse...

The bag you are about to see looks much better in real life. Since there's no way you can know that you're just going to have to trust me. I worked on this all afternoon, and when I went to take pictures it was dark out. It was 7:30 and it was DARK--not starting to get dark, but ALREADY dark. When did that happen? I like when it gets dark early (I'm weird like that), but I realize this is going to seriously hinder my ability to take a picture that's even half-decent. Of course my mother would say I should just get up early and take my pictures in the morning, but we're going to ignore her for now.

This was a last-minute project. My brother asked me to make it because he wants to try carrying a murse. Hahahahaha!! That's not true. They're having a benefit where he works, and the owner asked if I would make something to donate for the auction. If I didn't get this done I would forget all about it and then I'd feel absolutely horrible, so I knocked it out today.

Ugh, such bad pictures. In real life this bag is super cozy looking and perfect for fall/winter. It is a bit coarser than other wools I've worked with, so my interfacing wasn't entirely thrilled about fusing to it, but I'm the boss and it's my way or the highway.

The piping is really subtle on this one - I would like it to stand out a bit more but what are ya gonna do? No way this was getting unpicked so it'll just have to be content with itself. I've made my peace with it :)

These handles are kind of fun. You start off by making them up like really fat bias tape that is top-stitched on each edge. In the middle you fold them in half and stitch in a long rectangle to hold it all together. They're comfy on your shoulder and sleeker than ordinary handles. I promise you I brushed all of those fuzzies off of the straps before I handed it over.

I didn't know what to do for the lining. I don't like doing black because I personally don't like black linings in my own bags, so I went with this. The white and gray go with the outside, and the sparse roses on the branches remind me a little of the last few leaves on the trees in the fall (as long as you forget about the fact that they are indeed flowers and not leaves).

I can't leave you with such bad pictures on a Monday... I've been stitching a few other things this week. I made a batch of my sunnies cases as a lady in my aerobics class wanted a few. They all ended up selling like whoosh! I did remember to take a picture or a gazillion for you though - I love these fabric combos!

See how much better natural light is? For the first time ever I may rue the passage of summer simply for the sunlight at the times when I take pictures. The girls asked me for fall colors so I came up with these - fallish, but not seasonal.


I'm hoping this momentum will stick around. I am down to one have-to-do. If I can get that done this week everything else will be fun want-to stuff. I keep trying to get there but other things keep popping up and getting in the way. And this week's quilt block is a doozy so I want to tackle that without other things on my mind. I'm going to go read for a bit and then get up really early and take pictures (ok...I couldn't even type that without laughing). Have a splendiferous Monday!

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ohio Whoops

Sooooooo this week's block for the Sewn QAL was the Ohio Star. A simple block, in and of itself...until I got my hands on it. This is what it is supPOSed to look like:

And THIS is what I've done to it:

There's a simple explanation behind this. In the tutorial for the block the colors were set so that the dark formed the star and the light was the accent. I figured I'd try and switch the light/dark to see what kind of effect it would have. So far, so good. Until I attached the center block on each side in the wrong direction (they should each be turned 90 degrees). If you stare at it you can see the star that I swear is hidden in there. Or you can look at the yellow lines I drew for you:

And here's your obligatory closeup - at least things are nice and matchy-matchy for the most part:

I decided to leave it this way for a few reasons. One - I was super careful and all my seam allowances were spot on and it measured 12.5 inches perfectly. If I unpicked all that there was no way it was going back together nice and neat. Second - one of the points Leila (the host) made last week was that by playing with colors and arrangements the same block can look drastically different. Since this is a sampler quilt and a learning experience I'm leaving it be in the spirit of...that. Sorry - I got boxed in by my own poor choice of wordage. Third - I have lazy tendencies sometimes (case in point - I apologized for my previous poor sentence instead of rewriting it).

I've been busy stitching this week but nothing has come out according to plan and it all required redos, so that's what I'll be finishing up this weekend. Unless the cooler weather beckons to me and I decide to spend it out and about. Have a happy Friday! See you soon!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

You can say you knew me when...

Hellloooo!!!! EEEEEKKKK!!!!!!! I'm squealing and fidgeting over here I'm so excited! Do you notice anything different about me? Do I look more.....VALUABLE? Hint, hint...

Oh yes, my most wonderful readers --you are reading the words of Philly's Most Valuable Blogger!! Thank you thank you thank you infinity for your votes and support! This has been so much fun!

I didn't think results were out until Friday, so when I started receiving Facebook messages I was all "Whaaaat is this?" So I am ending my night on a super excited note for my win, my fabulous new boots, and with a giant hug for all of you lovelies! I'll see you soon! I'm off to have a celebratory cup of tea (I am soooo wild). This calls for a giveaway! Give me a bit and I'll see what loveliness I can put together for you! Later taters!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Meet Milo

 "Hi! My name is Milo!"

"Did you ever see a pink armadillo before?"

 "What do you think of my fancy tail and my pretty shell? None of the other armadillos have a shell that looks like a sweater! Want to see it closer?"

 "Nope, you're not going to see an armadillo like me in Texas, that's for sure!"

"I even LOVE my ear patch. It matches!"
"Well, it was really nice meeting you. I have to go be loved now."



A few months ago, my cousin and her granddaughter asked if I could pretty please knit a Milo since I'm "the best knitter" - that's an actual quote, but it's not an actual fact. What's a Milo, you may ask? I didn't know either. He's the main fella in this book:

In a nutshell, a little girl named Tallulah wants a knitted pink bunny, but none are to be had. Her Grandma knits her one, but things get out of hand and the pink bunny is actually an armadillo. Tallulah isn't really thrilled with him, and doesn't give him much love. Milo's feelings are hurt, and he runs away. When Tallulah realizes he's gone, she gets very upset and realizes just how much she loves him. It's really a very sweet story. Of course I said I'd do it; I figured if anything I could just try to knit a rabbit because it would probably look like an armadillo anyway, hahahahaha. Luckily, my mumsy went digging and discovered that there was a companion pattern. Boo-ya! I know...I can't really pull off the boo-ya....

Anyway, it took me a while to get started with this project - it's been so hot and I just couldn't imagine working with yarn until it was cooler. A few weeks ago I realized I'd better get moving. After a few trials with different needles and trying to remember how a few things are done, I was off and on my way. I was quite pleased with my color work on the back, as with my knitting I tend to do one-color things, and one skein if I can swing it (I HATE finishing off the ends). Sewing it together wasn't much fun, but everything is nice and snug and secure. There are a few slight differences, but overall, it's a Milo, down to the wonky ears (it pained me to sew them on crooked, but the pattern said so, as Milo's ears are wonky--I couldn't give in to the OCD and deliver a less-than-Milo armadillo).

He was delivered yesterday morning. I can't even describe to you the phone call I received. Such gratitude, such happiness. I guess that's what it sounds like when the one thing you want most in the world appears before you. I wish you all such a level of joy in your Monday!

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Delayed reaction...

Normally on Sunday I show you my big project for the week. But I can't today. It's finished, I have photos, it was received with much happiness. I just cannot write that post for you right now. I avoided it all day. I had a lot of fun with Z-man this afternoon. But I sat down to write and there it was. The 9-11 coverage I tried not to watch. I feel it would be sacrilegious on some level to write to you the cutesy post I had planned right now so I'll do it tomorrow. Since the where-I-was posts seem to be dominating blogland right now, I'm going to add mine in, even though I wasn't planning on doing so.

It was my first year of teaching, and I was having a rough time (I didn't last long in the job, in case you're wondering). I had realized teaching was not for me, and I felt stuck. I was depressed like I've never been. I cried every day. And it was just the beginning of the school year. My school was in a very bad neighborhood, and the kids functioned on more of a first grade level (instead of fourth) for the most part. Some had one meal a day (provided by the school). Some ran home to avoid the groups of nefarious people that gathered on the corners. It wasn't good. When the announcement came that "due to the tragedy that you will be hearing about, school will be dismissed at...." I couldn't imagine what it was but I felt relief that my afternoon would be free of part of the job I hated. I know, I know...selfish relief amidst an epic tragedy. Looking back, I hate myself for that. But I didn't know...nobody did. We were in our classrooms, teaching reading or math... I assured my students they were safe, and that they needed to go immediately to wherever it is they were supposed to go after school--no stopping, no playing. I felt I had done a good job with my first unexpected dismissal.

Then my dad called, and told me what had happened. I sped home, and burst into the front door to haunting images on the TV I want to erase from my brain.. It was too surreal, and it still is. I was too wrapped up in my own little world of sadness and selfishness to encompass the depth of the situation. Either that, or the emotions were the same, and intermingled to a point where I couldn't separate the causes. It's actually hitting me more right now. Right now as they're singing Danny Boy, and knowing ten years worth of info that wasn't available on that day. Face after face goes by, faces that were once here but now aren't. Faces that were kissed goodnight and good morning, were told "I love you" and "See you tonight."

So I'm going to go now, because I don't want to think anymore. But I'll see you tomorrow. Because if ten years have taught us nothing else, it's that life must go on. Good night.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Memories Giveaway Winner

Good morning! Just popping in to announce the My Memories giveaway winner and get the ball rolling on getting your goods to you. This wasn't an entry-heavy giveaway (clearly you folks love fabric much more:) but here goes:

That would be Rachelle who said "I love the Boo It's Halloween one - it's so cute!" Rachelle--I've sent you an email letting you know (thank you for leaving me your address!) and will be contacting the company for the details on how to get your winnings to you!

Thank you everyone for playing along! If you really want this software, My Memories has generously given me a coupon/discount code for my readers. If you purchase this software (it sells for $40), you can use code STMMMS45056 to receive $10 off your purchase as well as $10 to their digital store. If you're not too sure right now I've added this info to my Deals tab at the top so you can get it quick without digging for this post.

I'll be back soon with the project that caused me a good deal of stress :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fabric Worlds

'Allo! Before I blather on (and you know I will) I just wanted to remind you of two things:

1. The My Memories giveaway ends this Friday - there are very low entries for this one, so get your name in for a good chance to win.

2. Also ending this Friday is the voting for the CBS Most Valuable Philly Blogger contest - I'd love you forever and like you for always if you could toss a vote my way.

OK, onward. I finished knitting an armadillo tonight. I have a few final touches to put on it and then I can get this thing away from me (I feel like I just ran a stinkin' marathon!). It's cute but I'm so over it. To reward myself for all that work I decided to drool over look at fabric online (yes, I know - very exciting reward. I also threw in a miniature Milky Way and some apple water ice sooooo.........yeah, good stuff). A comment left on my Sherbet Pips quilt must have stuck in my head a bit (Meream told me she wanted to live in my quilt - maybe we could then meet in "real" life because I want to swing on the tree swing and we'd be bound to run into one another--it's only a throw-sized quit, after all). I found that a lot of the fabrics I was drawn to had me thinking that I wanted to be in the fabrics. So now you get to look at them and glimpse into my weird little brain (you know you feel lucky).

When I was little there were 3 places I wanted to live for sure: inside a gingerbread house, with Peter Pumpkin Eater's wife in Storybook Land, and inside my Viewmaster with its nifty 3-D worlds. So how fun is this?

Viewmaster Reel fabric - found here

Like most girls I looooooved horses when I was younger (and still do - I think they are some of the most beautiful creatures that walk this earth). I had this Western cowgirl set with stables, and saddles, and whatever else you'd need to properly run a ranch. I spent quite some time playing with them in my bedroom. Which is why when I saw this I gave a little gasp and went "Awww!" because that could so be me last week twenty-five years ago.

Far Far Away III by Heather Ross found here

I grew up in a single home on a quiet street set amongst blocks and blocks of row homes in Northeast Philadelphia. And sometimes I would find myself wanting to live in an apartment. There seemed something wicked fun about it in the books I would read, as well as the slamming good times they used to have on Sesame Street (which is what this reminded me of--I think it's the shadows that do it for me):

Brownstone in Black found here

I love holidays. Almost all of them. Especially those at the end of the year. I adore Halloween decorations, and love all the stuff out in stores and the kids in their little costumes. But the actual trick-or-treating thing? Not so much. I think the spookiness of it appeals to me. Which is why I wish Halloween looked like this for real (especially those adorable haunted houses):

Spookyville panel found here

This one is kind of literal (since I want to go here so badly):

Underground map found here

Don't you want to live in what is probably the happiest place ever? It's the kind of place where you'd skip everywhere, and where there'd always be rainbow lollipops. I call dibs on the black polka dot house!

Hello My Friends found here.

I need to live in the world where such teacups exist--a cup of tea makes everything better, but it would be MUCH better if you were sipping from these:

Holly Jolly Teacups found here

And finally, the one that started it all:

Girl on Swing found here.

I'm off to the land of nod now, folks. See you soon!


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