Sunday, May 3, 2015

I'm Not a Kid, I'm a Girl...

...and Friday was my birthday.*

I hate to brag but I just had the most delightful three-day weekend. I took off on Friday and set an agenda of 'whatever.' I took my car in for its annual check-up, and after that headed off to an official yarn store. I have been a yarnster for thirteen years now (five more than I've sewn) and my yarn shopping has been limited to large craft stores like Michael's and Joann's, or to online shops. This was like walking into a candy store (and with birthday money in hand I didn't hold back). I'll show you what I bought as I use it. I drove around the little town the shop was in that may have been one of the most picturesque places ever (but got no pictures because of the whole motor-vehicle-operation-in-progress thing). I ran a few errands, and then settled at home with tea, a sandwich, and some knitting (I finished some more socks). We went out for dinner and after I got home I wound up my yarn purchases on my new yarn ball winder (because I know how to party).

While that all sounds like too much fun to endure, I got to babysit my little A-train on Saturday.

This kid. For real. My heart can't take it sometimes. "You be this car, and I will be this truck, and we will drive to the chocolate factory." Just lead the way, kiddo. When he's in his little world playing with blocks or sidewalk chalk or something, he sings to himself (which is the cutest thing to overhear).

He and his Aunt Leesh sat on the front steps and shared an orange. I made up a song for the experience, but no one was amazed at my lyrical prowess. I'll let you judge. (Ahem):

Oh my orange,
Oh my orange, 
Oh my orange Clementine.
You are good and
Oh so yummy
In my tummy

Should I quit my day job? 

Not long after this A-train stood up and said "I have to do my business." Curious as to if there was a different meaning here, Aunt Leesh said "What is that?" And he said "MY business." He then started to pull his pants down to go on the lawn. Like the dog does. My sister was laughing too hard, so I stepped in and said "No, we go in the house to do that." I was then informed "No, I have to do it right there on the grass." After a brief lesson on the difference between dogs and humans, we high-tailed it inside to continue with the potty-training/house-breaking. 

Spending a day with a kid and not glued to your phone or the have-to list is quite liberating. You are forced to slow down and be in that moment, to watch that bug and make up stories about where he's going, to drive tow trucks to the candy factory that is apparently just off to the side of the porch, and to find wishes just waiting to be made.

This morning I woke up to a big breakfast my daddy-o made, followed by a massive closet clean-out (I even bagged up my delusional section for donating--do you have one of those? It's a small selection of clothing you swear you'll fit back into one day). I put away the winter things and pulled out the summer brights. My mom made my favorite (ravioli), and we had dessert and blew out candles and all that jazz. 

I am trying to think of the last time I had three consecutive days of pure joy from start to finish. Happy new year, indeed.

*Random Shirley Temple quote (with a little creative license)


  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend - happy birthday! Jane x

  2. Sounds like you had the perfect birthday weekend!! Loved the orange song too. You are talented! Hugs,

  3. Yarn shops are so addictive. I have a friend, who visits a yarn shop regularly, even though she doesn't knit of crochet. She just loves the feel and the colours of the yarns.

  4. Happy belated birthday! That sounds like a wonderful weekend. =)



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