Monday, August 1, 2016

Navy Pindot Scarf Collar Shirt

Ahoy ahoy!'s been pretty gross outside, eh? Not sure about where you live, but here in Philly it's fluctuated between unbearably hot and unbearably humid with sometimes copious amounts of rain. In short, it has not been comfortable. Once we hit the dog days with summer, I hit my limit pretty quickly and am ready for sweaters-and-boots weather. Or at least sleep-with-the-windows-open weather.

I had mentioned in this post that I had made myself a few shirts, so here's the second one. This one is actually my favorite. Sorry for the bad photos--it's hard to take photos of yourself in a mirror with sun glare in late afternoon when you're really hungry, hahaha!

The pattern is Jalie's Scarf-Collar shirt, and the fabric is a navy pin dot from Girl Charlee. The fabric is quite thin, but is really soft and comfortable. I find that navy fades really quickly, so I'm not loving that aspect of the fabric, but otherwise I'm fine with it. There were a lot of options with this top for the scarf collar--you could tie it, let it flow loosely, or feed it through a slit or buckle-type-thing-whose-name-I-don't-know.

If When I make this again, I'll probably try one of the other options or to modify the bow a bit. The fabric is so light that the bow makes it feel kind of heavy and like it's pulling down the front of the shirt to reveal almost too much at times.

The shirt is ridiculously easy to make. The markings are spot on, and everything matches like a dream. The front of the shirt has a seam up the front for this nifty...kind of...burrito?...method of stitching the collar and the shirt together. It's like the entire shirt (literally) is stuffed inside the scarf bit, you sew it, and turn it out and boom--you've got this nifty front of a shirt that's insanely easy.

I'm one of those people who buys something they like in all the colors, so I can see myself going overboard with this. The fit is flattering, and you can achieve so many different looks by just changing the fabrics. I also really like that the armscye is spot on--it's not cutting off circulation, but then it's not hanging so low that if you made this a sleeveless top you could see straight through one side of the shirt and out of the other.

This is my second Jalie shirt, and I completely recommend their patterns--they're very accurate, the instructions are good, and the styles overall are flattering. I guess they're average-priced (maybe a little pricey?)--I'm not really sure--but my take is that if you find a pattern you like that you can make over and over it's worth it.

Next time maybe I'll show you some socks I've knit. Yeah, I'm ready for sweater weather. Indeed.


  1. I've been eyeing that pattern for a long time... it looks great on you! I love the classic navy pindot for it! I'm pretty sure taking photos of oneself is always difficult... but being hungry definitely doesn't help. ;-)

  2. The pindot and the scarf collar is a good combination.

  3. You have done a great job on that shirt. I like the dots.
    I hope your candy coating doesn't melt in the heat and the humidity.

  4. You have done a great job on that shirt. I like the dots.
    I hope your candy coating doesn't melt in the heat and the humidity.

  5. So cute Bethany. And look at you! So trim and darling! I have put sewing on hold somewhat, it would seem. All I want to do is knit!
    xo Kris

  6. I love it, OMG! You did great work. I love everything polkadot :-)

  7. What a gorgeous top. I think you should make it different colours, each one will look diffeent



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