Sunday, June 4, 2017

Fill Me Up, Buttercup (with Cheddar, Indigo, and Tangerines)

Remember in the old days when I used to sew bags all the time? Like multiple bag posts a week, sometimes? I wonder when I had the time for that. Not that life is so different and so busy now, but I have no clue where I got the energy for it. I guess one of the first hints that I'm getting older is that my back now protests if I spend too long standing over a table and cutting or hunched over my sewing machine stitching.

ANYway, last week I finished up a bag, and I've been giving it its test run this week and have found it to be quite acceptable.

This bag is the 'Fill Me Up, Buttercup' tote by u-Handbag. It's quite oversized for my usual needs, but I do like carrying a bigger bag. The handles are a generously sized pair of thirty inch leather handles in tangerine. The fabric is from the new Cheddar and Indigo line. I interfaced each piece (lining and exterior) with two pieces of Pellon ShapeFlex 101. It feels quite sturdy and strong, but doesn't have the bulk to it that fleece or padding would give. I wasn't entirely sure how it would hold up, but so far so good.

Of course I didn't see any of that fuzz until I edited the photos, but let's focu on those lovely gathers instead, shall we? The pattern called for stitching some basting threads and tugging the gathers into place, but I don't find that method to be what you'd call fun so I just moved along in sections, pleating and pinning that way, until everything was in place and could be stitched down. The lining is gathered the same way--

The closure is a suspension bridge style zipper. I ended up trimming a little too much off the ends, but it's not restrictive or noticeable by anyone but me, so it's what the general public would call just fine.

The lining has my standard zip and slip pockets--

You can see how much space there is. It'll still hold an umbrella, a bottle of water, and a folded up cardigan or the like. And the handles are quite comfortable.

They are piped leather handles that I stitched on with embroidery thread. Quite easy to do, and the leather handles make the bag look store-bought (but in a good way). I tried to fuse some scraps of the lining over the stitches on the inside of the bag, but it doesn't want to behave properly, so I'm going to have to take needle and thread to it and whip-stitch them into place (they're purely aesthetic so I'm in no rush. I also just did my nails, and the way I hand-stitch will destroy them).

Anyway, that's my new bag. For once it's in fabrics that just came out, instead of having been used by everyone while I hemmed and hawed over if I wanted to ride that particular bandwagon, and then hunted like the dickens (and paid too much money) for exactly what I wanted instead of just buying it already.


  1. OMG the handles in tangerine leather???!!!! How fun is that??!!?!?!! I mean, I love the bag itself, but the handles!!!!!

  2. I too wonder how I had the energy to make so many bags and pouches in the past. Recently I made ONE bag and after the cutting, interfacing and sewing I was out of breath. I notice the lining has the same print as the exterior. Same fabric collection or just pure luck? I read that u-handbag the store is closing in oct. I hadn't gone to the site for years.

  3. Now, this is an excellent bag. I love it to bits!! And yes, when did we find the time to make multiple bags a week, I was just the same. It seems like my sewing machine was on the table all the time. But not so much anymore. Too bad really. Anyway, enjoy that lovely bag. It's *almost* reason enough to go shopping for a matching outfit!! ;-)

    1. I don't use my sewing machine as frequently as I used to, but when I sew I enjoy it immensely and don't often have to use my seam ripper anymore as I'm not in a manic rush to get through a crush of projects.

  4. That looks like a good bag for carrying your daily bits to the office. The zipper is essential for preventing stuff from falling out.
    I try making my bags as a little bit, everyday, if possible. Of course, I have the luxury of a dedicated sewing space.

  5. It is a great bag! I still make lots of bags, but the cutting of all the pieces does wear me out, lol!

  6. Those handles are such a fun accent to the bag! I love the fabrics, and the bit of ribbon on the zipper pull!

  7. What a fab bag! I love that fabric and the handles really make it. I've never used pre-made handles, maybe I need to give that a go



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