Sunday, December 24, 2017

Happy Christmas to You

Hello! I imagine many of you are quite busy in the festive countdown to tomorrow, or have snuggled up between the sheets in exhaustion from the craziness. OR, you're having a perfectly ordinary day, which is fine, too.

I've watched all the movies, eaten all the cookies, made all the things, and gone to church. The gifts are wrapped, the house is waiting silently for Christmas to arrive, and Charlie is snoring away with visions of sugarplums dancing in his head (as he eagerly awaits the arrival of Santa Paws).

Yes, this is a functioning fireplace. And yes, that is a construction paper drawing of a fireplace and fire, drawn by A-train, placed in front of it. Because when your five-year old nephew gives his grandmother such a drawing, this is exactly what she does with it.

My cousin brought this beautiful flower arrangement to our Christmas party last night. It's so perfectly wintry--it looks like a fair maiden in a white fur (faux, of course) cloak plucked them from a snow-covered garden and delivered them right to our door. I just noticed that the deer in the background looks like he's angling his head as though he's trying to make sure he's in the photo.

I guess all that's left to do is to wish you all a merry Christmas! It's my favorite day of the year (pretty sure I'm an elf, raised by humans), but I do understand this can be a tough day for some people for a variety of reasons. I hope you're not one of those folks, but if you are, I hope you can find a way to feel the warmth and love of the holiday season, and find a way to celebrate, whether it be large and loud, or quiet and serene.

Love and hugs to you all, and merry Christmas!



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