Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Mandala Hoop

Well. Long time no...write. It's funny how it just gets away from you. I've been working on the same shawl for a bazillion and seven years (I didn't like how it turned out following the pattern instructions, so I frogged the whole thing and redid it my way). I've been devouring books for some reason (I love to read anyway, but have been doing more and more of it lately). And I finally managed to get my hands on the object of my Barnes and Noble stalking.

I used to have a Mollie Makes subscription, but ended it a while ago as it ended up seeming like a waste of money. However, I follow them on Instagram, and I decide if I want to buy the issue based on the free kit (very mature, I know). BUT I fell in love with the way this hoop turned out, so I figured when they put out the hoop kits I'll buy those issues. Of course, when they show the kit and the issue is on sale are not always synced up, and I made more than a handful of trips to the store, and then stormed out when the magazine section did not fulfill my needs.

Last week, they finally had the issue I was after, and I skipped out of the store like a happy kid with a bag full of candy. It was a super quick thing to stitch, and I adore the colors, but the energy expended stalking this item was probably overkill.

The yarn was a shimmery (probably mercerized) cotton, and the hoop is maybe four inches across? But those colors!!!!!!! This is what the hoop looks like on the right side. I don't know if I made it too small or stitched it on too tight or if the final round is supposed to be laying more on the outside of the hoop, but I really don't care.

And that's the back side. Not much different at all, but something has to be the back.

Isn't that hot pink center color absolutely divine???????? I think I was able to stitch this in an evening. I didn't have to rip anything out. I didn't have to curse at anything. It just flowed. It's a mandala, so I think that's how it's supposed to happen anyway.

Not very interesting, I know. But have I mentioned the shawl? That is sincerely all I've been working on. I can't wait until it's finished, because while I love the yarn I'm also tired of it right now. Especially since I have to tuck it away until it's chilly enough to wear it. BUT. Hopefully it'll be done soon. I can't wait to show you the border--I've never done this technique before so I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out (i.e. just like it was supposed to).

Toodles for now!


  1. Hmyeah, I am also often underwhelmed by the freebies in MM, also why I don't have a subscription. I also have the hoop laying around but find the squeeky acrylic yarn a bit off putting.

  2. I love Mandalas and that is so cute! I tried making one in crochet without a hoop before and it came out okay. I am more of a knitter so I need more practice reading and understand crochet patterns. With crochet, so many times I am not quite certain at the beginning and the end, if I see the stitch or not, so I end up with an extra stitch or one stitch less. At least with knitting the stitches are on the needle and I am certain then it is a stitch.

  3. oh that is just lovely!! I got fed up with Mollie Makes, I hate the tone of the writing. I feel the same about quite a few of the UK craft mags, especially the modern quilting ones.



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