Saturday, February 13, 2010

I win. So there.

I done did gots me groove back, I think....

I remembered I never posted a pic of the bag I made with the zipper closure where I had to actually take the zipper apart and then reassemble it.  So here she is:
The pleated bag and a closeup of the zipper that tried to kill me :)

I really like the look of this one--very clean and straight.  But I don't care for the edges that are unsecured--it doesn't work for me and the way I open my bag.  I was a doofus and didn't leave enough length for my strap, so it's a little shorter than I usually make, but it's definitely workable.  It's not my favorite, but it looks sweet and I love the fabric (much rosier looking than my photos show).  I'm going to pop it in the shop--she'd make a cute little summery bag.

Second: I made this little change purse this weekend for a future Broadway star.  Seriously. She's a great singer with a bubbly personality - she'll be fun to see on stage one day.  She's only fourteen, so there's a bit of a wait...but one day...
There's a tutorial on this coming soon...

And finally, the bag for which I've been having zipper adventures and driving myself crazy. Da-da-da-DA-da-DA!
This is the Highbrow Hobo bag, pattern by Lisa Lam at u-handbag.

Nifty gold rectangular rings and a shot of my zipper...the best one yet.  Apparently there's something to this whole "take your time" business.

Her bottom has a nice pretty curve to it...just like mine. HAHA. Naughty...

I had previously made one in chocolate brown and aqua, but it had a snap closure.  This bag is adorable, but it looks even better when it has stuff in it.  I don't know why that's so...maybe because it's fulfilling its handbag destiny.  I hope the woman I made it for is pleased.  She wanted something kind of Asian-inspired, kind of Vera Bradley-inspired, but not fully either one and not obnoxious.  Oy.  I hope this fits the bill for her because I'm pleased as punch with it.  I have two other fabric combos to make this bag out of, and now I'm kind of excited about it.  Who knew a zipper could sap your mental energy and make you shy away from something you love?  But after two weeks of trial and error, of searching and sketching, I've got it right where I want it and it's working for me.  Take that, recessed zipper.  You're really not that tough. 
OK...I'm off to knit a bit and catch up on the Olympics.  I love the Olympics.  See you all on the flip side!

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