Thursday, March 10, 2011

CSN Giveaway Winner Take 2!!!

Well, I'm sorry to say my original winner never contacted me, so I had to redraw the prize. Which means you get a second dose of anticipation... Do you want me to blather on a while about something irrelevant to help build it a little? I can tell you how I went to my nephew's basketball game last night at my old high school. First visit since 1996! Very weird. The same, but different. I felt a feeling that I couldn't quite describe...not quite sad...but it had tinges of sadness to it. Is that nostalgia? Is that why moms cry when kids get older? I use that term liberally and it's usually the happy sort of remembering... Their team won 16-1. They made me tired watching them. I wish I had me some kid energy.

OK, OK. On to business. So the winner this time around is:

And that would be Kayla who said "Thank you for the giveaway!" Well Kayla, you're mighty welcome. Since you so graciously left me your contact info, I'm off to contact you officially. Congratulations!

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