Sunday, March 27, 2011

If the subject is craft fail I earned an A

A few weeks ago I had this "great" idea for a craft. It would be pretty easy, kind of fun, and be really adorable when it was finished. I even took pictures along the way because OBviously it was going to be so nifty everyone would want to make one. I am going to do this reverse tutorial style: I'll show you what I did but then ask you not to make one, haha.

OK, so at AC Moore I bought this:

I sanded smooth all the rough edges and then made a copy. Then, I used an Exacto knife to cut out all the individual parts. This was not easy. It caught and tore, and then I realized for what I was doing scissors would be fine. I just really wanted to sound all crafty by saying I used an Exacto knife.

I got out my big stack of scrapbooking papers and cut out the individual pieces in different colors. I cut each one about 1/8 smaller all the way around than my paper copy. I used a Sharpie to draw on the eye and the wing and the markings on the bow. I placed them where I wanted them and then I Mod-Podged them in place. I also think I wanted to say I used Mod Podge on a project because I never have before and Exacto knives and Mod Podge are the hallmarks of a true crafter, doncha know....

OK. So at this point I cut out everything smaller and Mod-Podged it down. Then I got this stuff:

I'll tell you now what I was envisioning and still thought was going to happen. I thought that I'd do this nifty faux stained glass thing but with paper instead of glass. Now that I'm writing it I guess it would be more like a mosaic...  And I'll tell you right now I was not under the influence of any substances whatsoever while I was dreaming this up. I took the snow texture stuff and filled in all the gaps and went around the edges with it. Then I started getting the uh-oh feeling. Instead of having a more concave feel like with a mosaic or anything resembling anything that could be confused with stained glass, what I was doing was building little painted snow drifts all over my little wooden chick. It wasn't having the exact effect I wanted, so for some reason I decided to paint the remaining wood white. I don't have a picture of this part, but if you will imagine an Easter chick running through a blizzard it is pretty much exactly what I had. You can kind of get a hint of it here:

I left it out to dry and walked away from it for a bit. I really hate to trash anything I've spent time on, so I was going to name it 'Chicken in a Blizzard' and pretend it was some kind of original artwork or something. Then my mumsy says "I think you need some green or something." OK. I've got green paint. So I painted the wooden parts green, and then lightly dabbed it all around the edges. It makes it look much more springy but it definitely has a what-the-hell-is-that kind of aura about it....

So yeah....compared to what was in my head this is a huuuuuge craft fail. But as far as being a salvageable Easter decoration I think it's ok. I'm pretty sure everyone will think my nephew made it, but I'll slip him some $$$ to take the credit because it's really good for a kid craft but absolutely terrible for his aunty who should really know better at this point...

And since I have no shame I am linking up my craft fail this week. Because sometimes, someone's gotta do it.

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  1. Aww, it's cute. What a cute post, it made me giggle. I love the idea, and actually I often see things at stores like that and think "Ahh the many things I could do with this!" well they don't always turn out.

  2. You Quack me up!!! I think it is cute!!

  3. Ha ha..your post make me laugh!
    Don't sweat the fail...I have had my fair share of craft fails and I am 100% sure alot of other crafters have too. We just don't have the guts to post it like rock!

  4. He's still kind of cute! I'm sensing a colossal fail coming up for our family. My daughter is supposed to make a model of one of the California missions. She didn't know it when she picked it, but she picked one of the most complicated. Yikes! We'll see how our collaboration will turn out. At least I got a really cool new exacto knife out of the deal. Does yours have a pink handle? :)

  5. It looks quite ok from this just put her up high and everybody will admire her from afar..perhaps paint over a bit of the white on her beak and feet to bring them out a bit more. The kids will still love her for easter.

  6. Many crafters hide their mistakes. You're a brave one. Honestly, it doesn't look too bad. Ok, I'm lying.

  7. haha it still is cute though!

    i hate that craft disappointment though. you get so excited about something, and then it turns out less than stunning.....happened to me many times. boo.

  8. So nice to know someone else who gets an idea and it just doesn't turn out the way you thought. :) Thanks for sharing.

  9. How funny! I really don't think it's that bad! Too bad it didn't turn out how you wanted, it was a really great idea!

  10. You are brave for posting your "fail".

    Actually, I've seen those kid things but never buy them because they have those black lines all over them. I never thought about covering them with paper, which looks way better.

    I've used that snowtex for Christmas projects and only Christmas projects, so that's where you got me. However, it looks much better with the green on it.

    I don't know what it looks like up close, but it is cute in the picture you shared.

  11. "chicken in a blizzard" haha! I think it's a cute craft-fail, like the first time I made ruffly pants for my daughter and she ended up with pair of major bell-bottom pjs instead! ;)

  12. You are so funny! I was laughing because i cant even tell u how many times i thought i was going to be super awesome and come up with an idea everyone would want to make and i have this happen. DONT YOU HATE THAT?! You are better then me tho. I toss mine in the trash:) Im your newest follower:) I hope youll come follow me back:)

  13. I think it's kind of cute even if it's not what you envisioned. I hate to throw things out I've spent time on. I worked on something this weekend that I really should toss out though! :)

  14. I think the chick's too cute to be a craft fail! ^^)



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