Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bee Goes Blah-de-Blah-Blah

I got the worst gift ever for Christmas. A Kindle Fire. I had a Kindle reader, but I liked playing around on my mom's Fire so I asked for one. This has been my internal dialog since Christmas: "It's only a couple dollars to unlock the rest of the game...I'll just play for a half hour at a time...wait, if I just get the key really quick I think I'll finish the level...I have to be almost finished, I may as well continue. I can feel this frying my brain. This is the last game I'm playing. Wait, I remember seeing the lantern waaay back in the mansion... Grr, this is tedious... Ooo, bonus levels!" and pretty much repeat ad infinitum. I haven't read a book on it yet. But I downloaded two. I think I have a problem. The funny thing is that if you asked me I'd tell you I hate technology and that I wish we could go back to the days before the gadgets and apps took over and I'd be perfectly serious about that.

Today was the post-holiday return to work, and I welcomed it. I'm a creature of routine, and too much lazing about with nothing to do is terrible for me. I actually start to feel depressed, so I'm best kept busy. Good thing I've got a new sewing list going already.

I really have nothing to share with you. I haven't made anything. I replaced a zipper in a coat and am taking in a pair of pants for my sister. It doesn't get more exciting than that. No, I'm serious. That's the most exciting thing I've done this week. After work tonight began the task of deconstructing Christmas. The worst day of the year. Good thing it gets out of the way early.

Everything is down, but not yet packed up. All of the surfaces in the house that had previously looked like Christmas came in and vomited all over now look more like this:

And for added fun, tomorrow is supposed to be the coldest it's been in years, and windy. Oh, and with a bunch of this thrown in:

Normally I look forward to snow. But I'm not in the mood for this just yet. If this could go away and come back in a couple weeks that would be great.

So that's all that's going on in my quiet and boring little corner of the woods. But I do feel relaxed and refreshed for how little I've done over the past week or so. I guess I just needed to completely relax and recharge. Now if I could just muster up the motivation to do the last few rows of squares on my nephew's afghan...

And two last little bits: I joined Instagram (finally!!) after much prodding from my sisters. If you'd like to follow me there I'm Flybybethy. And I have a bit of a sale still going on in my shop through Saturday--25% off everything! Things have been moving, so you if you want something take a look (there's a widget in the sidebar). I guess that's all I've got for now. How much more nothing can you stand, right? Anyway, have a good weekend! I'll try to be more interesting in future posts :)


  1. Oh dear. Kindle Fire games. I don't have a KF but I do have Candy Crush type games all over my computer and they are a definite time waster. I've committed myself (probably should have done that a long time ago :) to read and sew daily as priorities - we'll see how that turns out. Hope y'all aren't getting the blizzard I've been reading about for the northeast. We're supposed to have a tiny sprinkling of the white stuff early in the morning (Friday) which will stop by rush hour. The big news: 23 degrees tomorrow. I'm in my thickest warmest flannel PJs and plan to stay in them for the next 24 hours. At least.

    Later ~ Mary

  2. OMG!!! I am playing Candy Crush on my KF and can not stop it. I have gotten two books, but I have over 200 in my KF that I have already read. We just got snow today in D.C., but they way things have been going it will be gone by tomorrow and it will be very cold.

  3. I just figured out how to download an awesome e-reader app on my Galaxt Tab3... like I needed more procastrinating as it is... PFF!
    Happy 2014 :-)

  4. My addiction is Sudoku on my tablet, but as long as I win a game I can then walk away, and that only takes about 5 minutes on the hard setting lol

    We've been buffeted by gale force winds and rain for 3 weeks now, I am totally over it!

  5. I finally gave up Candy Crush when my phone went in for repair, and thankfully have managed (so far!!) to resist the urge to go back to it!

    Hope the weather isn't too bad for you, lots of gales and floods here in the UK at the moment ;(


  6. I can understand having a love/hate relationship with something like a Kindle Fire. =)
    I love your current header and background!
    You may not be quite ready for the weather you are having, but I'm kind of jealous... it is still t-shirt weather here.



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