Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I'm a person of simple tastes. Little things that I love mean more to me than fancy junk. For example, if a man asked me to marry him with a gazillion carat diamond ring, I might be like 'Eh, I dunno.' But if someone asked me to marry them by presenting me with an array of glitter pens, I'd be like "I do. Right now." This is probably not a literal scenario, but you get what I mean. Case in point--or I suppose I should say can in point...

My cousin Dee brings her homemade snickerdoodles to all of our family functions (they're a cookie--I think that's the real name, but if it's not I have no idea what else they would be called) and she puts them in this adorable Amish-y tin. I've always loved that silly thing, with its dings and flaws and all that jazz that goes with a well-used cookie tin. I once mentioned to her that if she was ever going to throw it away to please not do so because I would take it.

Well, this past Saturday she stopped by to drop off a jacket that needs a new zipper, and in the bottom of the bag I saw something familiar... She said "Oh, and that's the tin. It's yours now." I made extra extra sure and then hugged her and giggled like a little kid. Over a used cookie tin. Because that's how I roll. Anyway, wanna see it?

That's the top (duh, right?). I love that is says 'schmutzers'--that's one of 'our' words around here when you've got a little somethin'-somethin' on your chin ("Hey--you've got some schmutz"). It's a nice deep tin, and the sides are decorated with cute little scenes like the one on top.

Cute, right? Every time I've been in a thrift shop or antique shop or at a flea market I would look for something similar, but had no luck. And this was a quite timely little gift, too. I was looking for something to put scraps in without having to buy something, and this is just the mostest rightest thing ever.

So yes, if you made it this far you just read about how an old cookie tin made my day. I'd rather fall in love with little everyday bits than wait for the big things to come along to get excited about. They're few and far-between. Here's hoping you have an Amish cookie tin sort of day!


  1. What a cute tin! I do like Snickerdoodle cookies too. Shmutz (also spelled schmutz) is a Yiddish word that means dirt or grime, but on your tin I think they meant Smooch as in kissing! Lol!!! Either way it's a darling tin and so happy you have it now. Yes the little things in life that make us happy are the best!

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  3. Oops, I thought it was Amish but I see from patchouli's comment above it's Yiddish. Still so stinking cute, and I'll take it when you're through with it :)

  4. I love this, especially as they spelled Katy right :oD

  5. Ha, that's cute. =) Being made happy by the little things is a much better way to live!



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