Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Patchwork Double Zip Wristlet

I have been promising my mother a new wristlet for a looong time. I was supposed to do it in the fall but didn't, and then lost my motivation after the holidays, so she's been using this one for a while (I picked those fabrics with her in mind, knowing I'd be giving it to her afterwards).

After a year of constant use, it only needed a spin through the washer, but I wanted to make a new one out of one of these faux patchwork fabrics. I made this on Mother's Day in the morning, so when I tell you it's a quickie from start to finish (including quilting the fabric) I'm not lying. You can find the tutorial here. Isn't that terrible, making a gift the day you have to give it? But this wasn't really a gift, it was just a deadline I set so as to be sure to get this done. I had her real gift in hand in plenty of time. I know you folks worry about these things.

For this one the only difference is that I pre-quilted my fabric, and that I switched the side that the zipper pulls are on when it's closed. I am so in love with how these fabrics look when stitched into something, especially cute little purses.

I quilted on each side of those fake seam lines by lining them up with the edge of my presser foot. I am just now noticing that I should have trimmed my pieces more strategically so the top and bottom halves lined up better, but ain't no one gonna notice that.

I have had that pinky-red lining fabric in my stash since I made this bag. I always hung onto it when I did any destashing as I knew it had to come in handy someday, and it finally did.

I know I've beat this point to death, but look how neat that zipper looks sewn in with a quarter inch foot! I made a cushion cover over the weekend and couldn't use that foot, so I gave my zipper foot a try. We're still not on speaking terms. I think the only time I've used that foot successfully was when putting in an invisible zipper (because that foot doesn't like me either :)  A quarter inch foot isn't very pricey, so I recommend getting one to use as a zipper foot. OK, I'll stop mentioning it. I just can't get over the straightness of it!

And there's your obligatory hardware shot. From start to finish I think I was able to finish in about two hours (and that includes checking my own tutorial for the measurements I used). So if you need a quick gift this would be a good one (and it uses less than two fat quarters--I've got enough left over for a little something else).

Did you whip up any gifties for Mother's Day? What did you make?


  1. Yep, still love that fabric! That lining is perfect too. =) I agree, that zipper installation is amazing! I don't generally sew regular zippers but you can bet I'll be using my 1/4" foot.
    I actually did notice that the patches don't line up in the front... but I annoy myself daily with my perfectionism and I don't think most people would. ;-)

  2. I don't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!! I have that very same fabric in two different colours. Now who would have thought I'd have something you ladies have LOLLL Love your wallet and I think I'm going to make one in my colours. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I made my mother 3 washable grocery bags with wide fabric handles for Mothers Day. It doesn't sound very glamorous but bags with webbing or skinny handles hurt her hands. She is 78. I made them out of pretty sunflower fabric!

  4. It looks fabulous and love your fabrics combo.Have a great week!!



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