Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Faux Patchwork Wristlet

Back in this post I had shared with you all that I received a little bundle of fabrics from Penny Cottons. I loved the look and feel of them so much that I ordered more before I even cut into the original set. This time I ordered a set of faux patchwork squares. They have been quietly taunting me while I have quietly been avoiding my sewing machine. Do you ever get into a rut where you just don't feel like doing that thing you know you love doing? On Sunday I told you I was going to spend time with Harriet (my sewing machine) but that was a lie. However, between Monday night and last night I did set to and now I have a super adorable wristlet that I just love.

I did some simple straight quilting lines to add to the patchwork effect. I couldn't decide on a color so I eeny-meeny-miney-moed it to decide between red, pink, or white. I'm not kidding. Sometimes I think if people ever saw my decision making processes they'd refer me for a mental examination.

See how neat that zipper is? I used my quarter inch foot to do that. At times my zips are a bit wobbly. They always turn out that way no matter what. But I saw the quarter inch foot tip somewhere (still can't remember) and have been doing that almost exclusively ever since. My zips have never been so delightful, so if you're not on speaking terms with your zipper foot you might want to try it this way.

Now isn't that adorable? I had bought a Vera Bradley wristlet on super clearance years ago (pre-sewing) and used it as my wallet. I could cajole my phone in there too. But when I got a new phone last year I realized I'd need something different as my new phone is ridiculously tall (something I didn't realize when I got it) and didn't even come close to fitting inside. So I sketched up a pattern using my own directions, and stitched it on up.

I'd be telling you lies if I told you that this was totally easy. I thought sewing down the ends with the zippers would bug me but that went smoothly. It was making the boxy sides that nearly did me in. There was so little fabric to work with in there I really had to pin well and go maddeningly slow. If I were to make one like this again it'd be a wee bit wider, that's for sure (this one is one inch).

Were you doubting there'd be red and white polka dots in there? I added a small pocket to the inside but I wish I hadn't. I don't really care for it as I cobbled it together from a scrap and wish it was larger. I actually wish now I had put a wee zipper pocket in there. That just goes to show you that sewing, even if it's the same sorts of things you've sewn before, can be a continuously evolving process that really can be so worth it as you're guaranteed to get exactly what you want.

This will largely function as my wallet as I don't keep much in there anyway, but my phone does fit in there perfectly for those quick jaunts out for yarn or thread or I guess food or something where you don't need to lug all the usual stuff. Which is exactly what I wanted. I love opening my bag and seeing this delightfully cheery little purse, sitting there all cute.

I think my favorite part is how the strap looks like I pieced together all these tiny bits when I did nothing of the sort. One of the delightful things about faux patchwork--added impact for zero work.

The only thing I'd change about this (other than the lining pocket) is that I'd use a thinner fusible fleece. I used Thermolam Plus and it was a wee bit too thick and stiff for something of this size, especially since I also applied some woven fusible to it (I want this to last me a while). If you'd like to make something similar, my finished measurements were about 3.5 inches high by 6 inches wide, by 1 inch deep. You can use my instructions here to sketch yourself a pattern, and this tutorial to sew it all together.

And now I have a confession to make. In a moment of complete irrationality and laziness, I almost bought a Vera Bradley wristlet (instead of making this one). I know, I know. Why would I do that? The worst part is that I picked a fabric pattern that I disliked the least--not that I liked the most, please note. I was told that had I gone through with the purchase I would have had to have found new people to eat lunch with (at work) and that my mother would be furious with me and would tell on me to my sister, who would be extremely furious. I didn't want to risk all that collective wrath, so I figured I'd better get my rear in gear and start stitching.

One final thing--I have not forgotten one bit that I promised you a sew-along for this toiletry bag. I've got my fabric ready, but the hold-up was the interfacing. I finally got my delivery this week so I'll be getting that all together for you. I'll go the usual route and give you a supply list before we start, and then break it down into about three posts so that it doesn't get overwhelming. I'm shooting for June for this. Sound good? Good. See you soon, kids!


  1. Hi Bethany....I have had the best time tonight, catching up on your blog!!! Love the bag! Love the Maybelle flowers...I adored making them too! Love the wreath! Mine is stiff up!!! So fun! And your weekender bag...beautiful. So, so much good stuff!
    xo Kris

  2. Lol, sometimes I wish I could get some collective wrath so I'd sew more! I LOVE that fabric. I like the addition of quilting to it as well, and looking in your bag to see this wristlet must be a real treat. =)

  3. This is so cute! definately want to make this

  4. Lovely!!! I also have this sweet fabric :)
    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  5. Hi, I am new follower of yours, and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog…especially today's post.
    Thanks a lot,
    Jacqueline in Pitt Meadows

  6. Adorable! What a perfect print for this! :)



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