Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Socks

Some people make Easter dresses. I made Easter socks. OK, not really. I just happened to wear them today. I finished off a pair of cuff down socks in official sock weight yarn, so these are real socks knit on itty-bitty needles and that fit in real shoes and everything.

I used this free pattern, and these teeny needles, and this kind of OK yarn that was a little scratchy to knit with but washes up nice and not-annoying-to-wear.

I do a much better job on this style of sock with not having stretch holes like I do in the toe-ups I've knit. Plus I really love how you can see all the parts cohere while at the same time being entirely separate and identifiable.

In the first sock I knit I threw in a nylon thread on the heels and toes. But then I read something that said don't do that because the thread can actually cut through the yarn, so the second sock doesn't have that element. This yarn is superwash wool blended with nylon so I'm hoping that's enough strength built in.

On the first one I finished it, and wove the ends in and was feeling quite pleased. Then I saw what looked like a dropped stitch. Then another. They were all literally hanging on by the (nylon) thread. I must have been very anxious to finish and wasn't paying attention. Then I recovered from my minor heart attack, UNwove my ends (which is the direct opposite of fun), UNdid my kitchener stitch (also not fun), and frogged the toe with fingers crossed (but not literally because I needed them, haha) that I could pick the stitches up again. Phew. It all worked out. I think I possibly did a few extra decreases as the one has a little bit of  ruffle/pucker/gather/wrinkle/whatever to it, but it seems to wear OK. The second one I took my time with the wretched DPNs, making sure all stitches were where they were supposed to be before I slid anything off. And then boom. Just like that I had a pair of socks.

The ribbing across the top of the foot makes it hug nicely and the stockinette toe makes it not feel too bulky. I have worn these inside regular shoes all day, and not felt aware of the stitches or any bulk or anything. They're a little too toasty for this time of year, but will be fab in cold weather.

And now here's the dilemma. I was ready to pack it in because I thought these were way too much effort. About two weeks-ish for the pair, thin yarn, skinny needles. But I really like these. They feel cozy. BUT I had a lot of extra yarn because I didn't know how much I'd need. BUT I found a toe-up pattern that looks just like these. Plus I saw this yarn. So I feel I kind of have to give it one more go so I can make an educated decision on my investment of time (yes, I'm aware of the irony of possibly wasting time while deciding if that activity is a waste of time or not. And yes, I'm also aware that I probably used 'irony' incorrectly).

Decisions, decisions. Next up: for a change of pace my new afghan I'm working on and enough unwoven ends to make you physically ill. Later kids!


  1. An adult pair of socks takes about 400 yards of yarn, so sock yarn is usually in balls of either 200 or 400 yards.
    You can't stop now, you are just getting good at it. Although it can be your alternate project, and you can take a month to finish a pair, or longer since it is getting warmer.

  2. I use socks as my travel knitting. They easily fit inside a small bag I made and that easily fits inside by travel purse. I use the same simple pattern and when I am waiting in an airport or for a bus, etc. you can find me knitting my socks. If you look up, you'll see other knitters around you and people staring in wonder at your DPN expertise! Now when I wear my socks, I think these are my Ireland socks or My Northern Michigan socks. :-)

  3. Those are my socks Bethany! Well almost. I knit a pair of socks in that same color Lion Brand yarn a few years ago and I knit a cable pattern in the leg. I knit another pair of socks in the same rib pattern you knit using the yellow colorway of Lion Brand yarn.

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