Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A timely tote...

I literally just typed the last period for the sew-along (it was actually an exclamation point, if you wanna get technical about it), but I wanted to show you the bag I made for it so you can see all the details of what we'll be making..

The great thing about this bag is that the fabrics totally make it (duh, right?). I've made this in baby fabrics and adult fabrics, the same exact pattern for the most part, and it looks girly in butterflies and pastels, and more masculine in fabrics like the above. It makes a great craft tote, diaper bag, overnighter, etc.

There are a lot of details--a bias-bound pocket, elastic pockets, quilted straps, piping, faux piping, and a zipper.

The inside is nice and tidy and roomy. The zipper is generous so there should be no worries of it busting when the bag is stuffed.

I shipped this off to the new owners the other day. They should be pleased when it arrives (it's a surprise gift request from a friend). I think this team won the world series of ice skating recently.


  1. I love your bag and am looking forward to the sew-a-long. You really made me chuckle when you described winning the Stanley Cup as "the World Series of ice skating". Cute!

  2. Can't wait to make this bag! Awaiting the materials list so I can buy something awesome for it!

  3. That is beautiful. I have family in Chicago and someone there who would have loved that too! Great job.

  4. It's great!! I have no idea about the fabric though. I went all 'hey, it's an Indian' and realised that this would not be very PC in the US ;-) So then I thought... maybe something Disney? Honestly, I have not been drinking, haha.

  5. ADORE this bag!!! Will have to take part in my very first sew-along!!!

  6. Can't wait to start! Thanks for putting in the time to share!



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