Sunday, August 9, 2015

W(hat's) T(his) D(ecision): Blocks 33-36

I am knackered. After letting this quilt sit for so long I suddenly became hugely motivated to get it finished (I even ordered the backing fabric already!). All of my blocks are sewn together, and all my patchwork border blocks are cut. I forgot how much I was enjoying working on it and coming up with quirky combinations, so I'm not really even tired of it yet. Except a little bit literally, because my right wrist is saying to me right now "Whyyyy did you have to cut all those blocks in one day????" and my eyes are saying "If I never see another four inch marking in my entire life....."

Anyway, I've got a new book waiting on the old Kindle, so I'm going to toss four more block stories your way and call it a day. As always, you're welcome :)

Old school all the way. When I was a schoolgirl (BTW, my three year old nephew A-train now frequently begins sentences with "When I was a little boy....") and we were assigned essays or papers to write, we would spend whole periods in the library taking notes on our topic (in our "own words--no copying from the book," mind you). Then we'd have to write our rough drafts and have them checked, before we typed and handed in our final copy. Now everything is cut-paste-delete-spell check. Kids have no idea how easy it is. Ever type footnotes on a typewriter? If you ever feel like you really want your temper to flare give it a try. If you can find a typewriter.

I do love sweet kitcheny prints. This is simply a close-up of that basket of (what I decided are) strawberries on that center chair. I always thought it would be great fun to pick berries, and fill a little pail with their juicy goodness. Mind you, I don't really like to garden, so I don't want to plant berries, tend to them, wait for them, or anything like that. I just want to pluck them and eat them.

After a busy day of cowboying, these guys wash up, put on their cleanest bandanna, and head to town for a sarsaparilla. I remember the first time I saw that word. My friend Megan had a can of it in her lunch at school. Not only was I fascinated as to where one obtains such a beverage in not-the-old-west, I couldn't get over how that word was spelled.

I went to Joann's for music note fabric and only that. But I came out with a few other things, including that center block fabric of different little Christmassy houses. I have always loved prints like this, whether in books, on wrapping paper, and especially on fabric. I'm such a weirdo, but I sit there and look at each little house, and the different details, and wonder about the 'people' who 'live' in them. 

And that, said Bee, is that.


  1. Enjoyed this blog post! Made me smile!

  2. Enjoyed this blog post! Made me smile!

  3. sarsaparilla - I sure wouldn't spell that correctly! Love your blocks. What a story they will tell when you put them together!

  4. Those are really cute! I'm still not over that perfect composition-book fabric... I love that whole block!



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