Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I haven't got a picture to share with you--does this ever bother anyone else? I feel like I should have a photo, but there are blogs that never post a photo throughout the course of their existence, so I'm not sure why I feel it's mandatory. I've been quite lazy lately with blogging. I've been doing a lot of knitting, which results in a lot more time creating, and a lot less time to say ta-dah!! I've got some garments I made, but the weather has been so hot that the idea of casting garments on and off and trying to take good photos when I'm already wanting it to be fall does not sound appealing.

However, I had a moment with the wee nephew the other night that I just had to share because of its extreme cuteness. It was Sunday night, and one of those nights where the half moon is bright in the sky, and you can actually see some stars, even with the ambient light of the city. Everyone else was on the porch, but we took two chairs to the back yard, and sat and talked about volcanoes, planets, what stars are made of, and the man in the moon. We counted airplanes and fireflies, and tried to determine if that one bird we saw in the dark was a bat or just an ordinary bird enjoying the summer night.

A: Aunt Bee, let's move closer to the moon.
Me: {Wonders, as adults do, just what he thinks we're going to climb on top of to get closer. Decides to go with "Okaaay" and follow his lead. A-train proceeds to move our chairs about four feet forward "towards" the moon}.
A: This is better, this is a good view.
Me: Oh, yes, this is much better. Good idea.
A: {Holds out his little hand, palm up} Would you like to hold hands?
End scene.

I need a version of him that is my own age that I'm not related to so I can date him.


  1. A photo of that sweet little boy would be awesome! Just sayin'!

  2. Well kids do say the cutest things! How sweet!

  3. Yes, if you were to find a man like that you aren't related to, you should seriously grab him.



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