Monday, September 5, 2016

Murder Mystery Quilt Along: Block 8

Good Monday morning! When does anyone really say that other than a holiday, right? I can't believe it's Labor Day. We were supposed to have a family BBQ yesterday, but the threat of a hurricane had us canceling things. True to expectations, it was one of the most beautiful days in the history of the world--blue skies, perfect temps, great picnic weather. Thanks, local weather folks--you may only care about ratings, but I care about accuracy.

Anyway, my quilt block. Every month I am amazed that another month has passed, as I remember when this first started. Finally, though, I think we might be starting to get somewhere. I think I know who the murderous fiend is, but I still have no idea about the quilt blocks.

That's not a big wrinkle. That's a trick of the light. Nothing to see here, folks. This month's block came with a few options--applique, and curved piecing. I went with curved piecing, forgetting it's not on my list of favorite things ever. BUT I have a dress pattern I want to make with princess seams, so I suppose this can serve as practice.

This month's block came with a hint as to which block this block connects to--the first block we made way back in January.

Wow, that's a bad wrinkle. I fold these all together instead of keeping them lying flat, and they all must have ganged up on August's block.

What I would like to do (but never remember until I write this post each month) is to cut up the picture of the quilt block that comes in the monthly pattern, and sit and play with them as a puzzle of sorts. I've tried rearranging my quilt blocks in just such a way, but they're big and floppy and annoying to play with while crawling around on the floor.

Well, that's August. Today is Fantasy Football draft day. We don't have a work league this year, so my brother said I could get in on he and Z's team. I've never played before last year and always thought it quite silly, but I came in second place last year on sheer beginner's luck (losing by less than two points--points that were obtainable if I had made even one of two decisions differently), and found it quite fun. I actually found myself looking forward to rooting for "my guys." So I bid you adieu until next time.

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