Sunday, September 18, 2016

Not Really Too Soon, But Definitely Sooner Than I Thought

I am a major over-estimator of how long things will take me to accomplish (for small things--big things I grossly underestimate). Last week I was thinking of how soon Christmas will be upon us, and that I'd better get started knitting with the Christmas sock yarn I had bought.

When I saw this yarn in the 'Holidays' colorway last year, I could not find it anywhere--it must have flown off of the shelves. This year I thought I might find an odd ball or two online, left over and unloved. Would you believe I found this on Amazon of all places?

I decided to make these from the toe up. TU socks appeal to my desire to not have much in the way of yarn remnants as I can just go and go until I'm almost out. However, I find that TU socks just do not fit me in the way that I like. There's a bit of snugness in certain parts that I don't love. I'm going to stick with the cuff-down pattern that seems to work for me (based on the Winwick Mum sock-along).

I tried very hard to make these fraternal twin socks (as one of you lovely folks called them in a comment) and thought I had succeeded based on the toes. But take another look.

I don't know how I did it, but I've obviously got mad skills to have made socks that start off different and end up identical.

I love these self-striping, self-fair-isling yarns. I wish someone would dye them in red and white, or blue and white, so that they'd look Scandinavian, but I'll take what I can get.

I did have a teeny hiccup on the heel flap, it looks like--I must have stitched instead of slipped. And not once, but twice. I enjoy this part cuff-down so much more--you pick up and knit the stitches and I feel like a knitting rock star when I do it. This way it just happens and I can't figure it out, so I feel more dumb-lucky instead of awesome, haha.

As I cannot begin toe-up socks fewer than three times before I stop messing up, I thought I'd be weaving in ends much closer to Christmas, instead of under two weeks. But I love having these to look forward to, as they're so perfectly Christmas-sweater-for-your-feet.

It's probably good that these are done, because this book was delivered today, and it's so beautifully filled with patterns, prose, and pictures that I can feel an obsession coming on.

I'm actually going to a knitting workshop on Thursday taught by these two fellas--I'm hoping they'll let me take some pictures to share!


  1. That yarn is so fun! I didn't know there was such a thing! I agree, a blue and white one would be perfect. The socks are really fun too. =)

  2. Regia makes the self striping in lots of different colours.
    I am looking forward to seeing your workshop report.
    I love that your fraternal twins socks came out better then when you try to make them identical. You could try one toe up and one cuff down.

  3. They're lovely socks, very festive (and thanks for the mention)! You're going to love your workshop with Arne and Carlos, they're great, and very funny too. Arne is so fast when he's knitting on DPNs; he's quite amazing to watch and I was so pleased with myself when I was on a wristwarmer workshop with them as I learnt two-handed colourwork. You're going ot have a great day! xx

  4. Oh wow. Now I'm off to search for that yarn.



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