Monday, October 10, 2016

Murder Mystery Quilt Along: Block 9

Guys. We're almost halfway through October. So it's like Halloween is right there, and then it's Thanksgiving, and then boom--it's like Christmas is in two weeks. How did that happen? I was downloading these pictures and it hit me that I have nine of these blocks already. That seems so fast! I remember joining this quilt along because I thought it would be kind of fun, and no it's almost done.

Anyway--this month's block was an applique block (again). I didn't use any stabilizer (as I'm out of it) but I didn't have an issues for the most part. It did take some squiggling to get the pieces to line up as we all know when it comes to quilt blocks I like to use the far-from-exact method.

So while this block is pretty ho-hum, it now fits into place with a few of the other blocks.

So there are five of them (the blocks with orange) that fit together, but I still have no idea with the others.

I'll be honest here--while I am curious about the outcome of the story, I'm not entirely in love with the quilt blocks. When the story began, I would get my instructions on the second Wednesday of the month, and hurry to make the block. Now I'm just getting it in by the skin of my teeth. I'm going to finish because my slight OCD will nag and nag at me that I left this unfinished, but I'm not having as much fun with it anymore. Plus it's my favorite time of the year--I have sweaters to wear, cocoa to drink, leaves to crunch, and holidays to think about making things for.


  1. Your orange pieces fit together really well, so you are very accurate with your blocks. At this point, it is kind of like a kids art project where one says "That's very interesting, tell me about it."
    Keep going, inquiring minds want to know what it will be.

  2. I'm very curious to see what this is going to look like!



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