Saturday, March 31, 2018

Popping in to say hello!

Hello, you wonderful people! I want to send you all a giant hug and a great big thank you for the comments and emails that resulted from my last post. They truly made me feel good, and I've gone back and read them a few times to boost my mood. So--thank you!

I received so many beautiful flowers from friends and family that it looked like a florist's shop in the living room for a little while. I absolutely adore flowers, so they were an instant pick-me-up. Every color you can imagine was represented!

I often hear people say things like "Don't send me flowers! They're only going to die!" Which is perhaps one of the most absurd and depressing things I've ever heard someone say. Give me flowers over jewelry any day (and if I'm being honest, give me cake over either of those).

HOW could you not want something like that in your life? I find it endlessly fascinating the things that nature comes up with all on her own.

As for me, I'm doing really well. So well I am planning on returning to work on Monday. I've been so eager to get back to normal, but I know that tomorrow night I'll whine "I don't wanna go to work tomorrow!" (which is in itself normal, so I guess I've made it after all).

I've made some progress on my sweater (I'm fair-isling with three colors per row, and am convincing myself it's good therapy so I don't lose my mind over the tedium of trapping floats and remembering there's a third color). And I've got a bucketload of afghan squares as well.

Since we last chatted, I've seen a specialist and he wants more tests before he confirms the diagnosis. He would not say what it was or what it wasn't, just simply that he "needs more information." Whatever it turns out to be (if not MS), I've been progressing well--I'm able to drive, the fatigue has lessened, and based on how much This Old House, Pawn Stars, and ER I've been watching I've got three viable career options if I ever want to switch things up.

Improvement was gradual, but when I think that exactly a month ago I couldn't see straight and had a mind-numbing headache that wouldn't quit it seems like it just zoomed along. I am eternally grateful that I was born into a fabulous, supportive family that doesn't let you dwell too long and keeps it real (while bringing tea and chocolate upon request).

I hope to have some things to share with you soon, as I'm eager to start new projects. If it's going to be too cold to wear a new sweater, then I want to make things that remind me of spring. However, it's supposed to snow Monday, so I have no idea how nature works anymore. So on that note, I'll say Happy Easter/Passover/what's passing for spring, and see you soon!


  1. These flowers are beautiful!!! Take all the tea and chocolates you can get!!!
    There are many things that mimic early MS hang on....AND keep praying!!!
    You are in my prayers this Blessed Easter season!!!

    1. I was very surprised to find out how many things can mimic MS symptoms. While I'm impatient for an answer, I'm glad to know it might not be as big of a thing as I thought. Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts.

  2. So glad you are feeling better. I've been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing.
    Enjoy all those flowers. They look so pretty.

  3. I am glad to hear you feel better, I was wondering about you the other day! It's a good idea to get that second opinion, you never know right! Isn't it funny that when we're ill we're dying to get back to work and once we're working again we're all 'meh', haha. I hope you have a nice Easter Sunday (in The Netherlands we have an Easter Monday as well, if you ever feel like immigrating). Hope to see some new projects of you soon!! Stay tough! X

    1. True to form on Sunday night I thought "Hmm, I could really use one more day." For what I have no idea, haha.

  4. Bethany, so happy you're doing well. And very smart to get a specialist to double check your diagnosis. I hope you get good news. Sending you a giant hug back.

  5. Those are gorgeous flowers Bethany and who could not love the colors, textures, scents and the uplifting you get from such gorgeous flowers around? I am with you flowers over jewelry any day. That is good news you are improving and so much so that you will be back to work, so that is encouraging right there. Happy Easter, Merry Christmas and Happy Valentine's Day to you!!! It is April Fool's Day too you know, lol!!!

  6. Happy Easter! So glad you are feeling more yourself. Best wishes for the future!

  7. Those flowers are gorgeous! I'm so glad you are feeling better!



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