Wednesday, March 6, 2019


Hello!! to all you hangers-on to what seems to be a fading way of logging one's adventures. I still love reading blogs, but I'm quite aware of the hypocrisy of how little I write on my own anymore.

So how goes it? I'll be honest. The first two months of the year were a bit of a struggle for me for no good reason. I'm sure you're familiar--your head seems to be in a fog, you're going through motions, you're just not yourself. I was not fun to be around. I was mopey, I didn't care, I needed caffeine like I never have before just to make it through the work day. And then I happened upon a book.

On the left is the paper cover, and the right is the actual book cover. Fun, right?

I used to be amaze balls at that--ordinary, little things making me happy. And at some point, that stopped. And I didn't even realize it had happened. But this book? I read the first chapter and was nodding along and exclaiming "Yes!!!!!!" in my head. I think I had too much...noise, so to speak. I felt like I shouldn't have things, that I should be a minimalist. I felt that as I'm forty it's not "proper" to have blue nail polish, or to get excited about things covered in glitter. 

But you know what? I LIKE my quirky little collections of random things. They make me smile. So maybe Marie Kondo would give me a smack at how many things spark joy for me, but I don't care even a little bit. Can I have blue nails if I want? Yes, and with polka dots, too! And the glitter? I bought a new pink sparkly phone case that I keep turned over so I can see the glitter (as opposed to the little notification light). I even took this book with me to jury duty yesterday (which, as we all know, is the direct opposite of joy). I really feel like it's helping, and all it took was a small nudge from Yester-Bee saying "Hey, Future Self, wanna, hang out again?" But seriously, if you feel a little like you're in a rut, or that you've set up camp in the doldrums, give this book a look-see.

And just for fun here are a few pics--

I call these my Gumps. And every time I put them on I think "Ruuuun, Forrest, ruuuuuuun!"

I don't think this needs words. Thank you, Hobby Lobby.

I needed a little bit of color at my desk at work, so I spent Sunday making pom-poms. I didn't stop at this here dozen...they're quite addictive once you get going.

Just don't look super close at these embroidered necklaces, m'kay?

So the necklaces. I don't remember when I bought the kit, but I busted it out this weekend. And while I was stitching these, I kept thinking "Wow. One year ago I was in the hospital, too dizzy to open my eyes, with tingly hands and muscle weakness. And today...I'm just as not-great at embroidery as I was before all that happened." I remember making granny squares felt like a triumph, and I needed multiple naps like a toddler. And while I remember every second like it was yesterday, I still can't believe it's been a year. I was honestly fearful I wouldn't be able to return to work, make things, get the idea. And maybe all that led me away from myself, if that makes sense. 

But thanks to a moment of serendipity involving a candy-colored book, I feel like I'm on my way back.


  1. The first two months of this year was a struggle for me too. For a while I felt that it was because my physical self is in 2019 but my heart was still in 2018. So stupid, right? Finally I realised it's some kind of a funk and it took a while to get out of it. I haven't read Joyful but it sounds fun. We're doing the opposite of Marie Kondo-ing - adding more stuff to our home; hubs and I are the biggest culprit. Recently I bought a fun looking running shoes - love at first sight. I'll show on my IG soon. Just remembered I have the necklace kit as well but never used. I won it in a contest. Happy to see you back again.

  2. Excuse me, but one is never too old for blue sparkly nail polish. The snow is up to the window sills, it is too flipping cold today to be March, and my finger nails are sea blue with microglitter!
    I am old enough to be your mother, and I needed to banish winter. So my nails are blue. Save me from blush pink. I gave that up when I turned 40. Age is just a number. It doesn't mean you have to quit being who you are.
    I love the necklaces. And my runners are purple and hot pink!



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