Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh slinkles and trinkles of joy!!

One of my favorite stories when I was little was "Eloise at Christmas." It was in this huge green Christmas book we had, full of crafts, recipes, Christmas lore and stories. The only story I could read on my own and understand at the time was that of Eloise at the Plaza Hotel at Christmas. Now when I read it I'm reminded a bit of Dr. Seuss as it's a bit nonsensical. But there is one phrase that I remember from it - in the story Nana would always say things like "Oh slinkles! Oh trinkles!" I have no idea what they are, but I do know when I found this fabric a few weeks ago that's the exact phrase that popped into my head:

I can think of no better words to describe this than slinkles and trinkles...can you?

It has yet to be made into anything, as do most of the Christmas fabrics I bought. I just never came across that perfect project for any of them...there's still time so we'll see.

I have been doing some serious hooking, though. I bought some one pound bags of mill ends a few years ago--and they've been sitting in my closet ever since. I finally decided to just start making the long-planned afghan with it. And after I had laid it out to take a picture for you I noticed how it slightly (and unintentionally) resembles the fabric above:

OK, it's a stretch and it's not an exact match but you can see where I'm coming from (I hope).

This is kind of a spaghetti blanket--the more I stitch the more I seem to need to go. But I've finished my "obligation sewing" and can now do just whatever the heck I feel like (at the mo that means watching "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" and eating candy canes).

It's coming along exactly as it looks in my head (and that almost never happens).

I forgot to take advantage of the morning light and didn't take these pics until the afternoon. We've been so busy here--shopping, doing some wrapping, sewing, playing Super Mario Brothers 3 on Wii (we like to kick it old school)...eating homemade chocolate chip cookies...melting candy canes in hot chocolate (yum!)...very important stuff, ya know. It's all coming up so fast I can hardly believe it. And then it's gone like whoosh!!

Have a marvelous Monday! And don't forget about my CSN Stores giveaway!


  1. We just read Eloise at Christmas, I can see why it was your favorite. The afghan is gorgeous!

  2. I thought you'd matched them up on purpose... I like all your activities, espcially the video game and hot chocolate - I still play PacMan (don't even know if I spelt it right) ;-) Have a great week, Love from London x

  3. Oh, all this talk about food and holiday busy-ness. Warms my heart!

  4. Ahh, touched my heart strings with Eloise! Still love reading Eloise and watching the movie made a few years ago. Love both your "Slinkles and Tinkles" fabric and your afghan. Have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!



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