Monday, November 14, 2011

Autumnal Interlude

Is there any time of year more beautiful than fall? It's as though the year knows it's growing old, and decides to have one last hurrah before settling into it's long winter's sleep. Mother Nature was a tad late this year with taking her paint brush to the trees, but that only means that we get to enjoy the riotous colors longer than usual.

At this time of year my sunshine hours are largely restricted to the weekends. I get a few snippets in the morning and that's about it for the day. But it's enough to brighten my day (no pun intended):

This was a few week's ago after our October snowstorm. The sun wasn't too high in the sky - it was still pre-daylight saving time.

This is the same time of day after we set the clocks back. I didn't touch up this photo at all--the sky is really that blue and the tree is really that marvelous orangey-red.

When I was driving into work on Friday morning, I couldn't help but be taken by how beautiful the journey was--every color leaf imaginable, all along my route. I wished I had a passenger who could have taken photographs for me as I drove--the colors, the light, it all came together so perfectly. When I drove in this morning there had been a drastic change after a windy weekend--many of the trees had lost a lot of their leaves and it was decidedly browner than just a few days ago.

I know I'm an odd one for this but I do so love when it gets dark early. Evenings seem to last forever and I feel as though I have unlimited time. My productivity kicks into high gear when it seems to wind down for others. Twilight has always been my favorite time of day, especially in the later months of the year--the light is soft and purple, the trees are in silhouette, and things just seem cozy. When I walked out of work this evening I was presented with this beautiful sky:

It completely made my day. What little things have been putting a smile on YOUR face lately?


  1. Thank you for posting such pretty pictures! This post certainly did brighten my very long, exhausting day where I had a whole shelf of shoes attack me. And that was kinda the highlight of the day...

  2. What a lovely post! I so agree, and also love the coziness of early darkness!!!
    Loved the pics.....and loved your descriptions even more!
    XO Kris

  3. Oh yes, it's gorgious his time of year. But cold too! Any excuse to sit in and cocoon (and crochet) ;-)

  4. Oh these are fab! I really wish I had my camera with me a couple of Sundays ago when I went to pick up my friend who was helping me at the bear fair. I was sitting at traffic lights and noticed that looking up the road on the other side there were a series of still rather green trees (some of which were probably evergreens) and then this one that was bright yellow. Underneath this particular tree was a single yellow lorry, and it looked as if a dollop of yellow paint had just fallen from the sky just onto them.

    I also think you'd be less enamoured of early evenings if you lived as far north as me (in latitude terms, I'm about halfway up Hudson Bay in Canada) It does a grand total of about 5 hours full daylight in midwinter o.O On the flip side, we do get days in the middle of summer when it never gets fully dark...

  5. wow what beautiful red/orange leaves and what a great contrast against the blue sky. lately in singapore, it's a miracle to catch a glimpse of the blue sky. it's just white and grey all day. wishing for blue skies.



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