Friday, November 25, 2011

Blech Friday

Good morning! Afternoon? I it still Friday? I slept forEVER today and I'm quite achy all over so I'm a bit off-schedule. Did/do any of you join the craziness that is Black Friday? While I am not averse to scoring great deals, I am VERY averse to large crowds and absolute lunatics doing whatever they can to other human beings to save a bit of money. So I stay home, and my mom and sisters and I go shopping after dinner. You still get great deals, but without the massive crowds. Anyhoodle, just wanted to remind you that you have until tonight to get your name entered for the My Memories giveaway. I'll draw the winner tomorrow before I start my Christmas decorating frenzy -- yippee!!! I love Christmas!

And if you've got umpteen lists going in your head and scraps galore rattling around in your purse, here is a Christmas printable just for you to help keep you a bit more organized:

Click here for the PDF. Make sure your scaling is set to 'None.' Card stock will give you the best results. Trim on the lines and you're good to go! Happy shopping!

I am off to crochet a bit--I'm making good headway on a bit oddly colored baby blanket that I'm hoping turns out as I imagined it...


  1. Yay, you're also making a baby-blanket. Coooool. My Sinterklaas shopping is almost done. Luckily here in NL we don't have 'Black Friday' kind of adventures!
    Have a good weekend and show us what you bought!!

  2. Some of us just had to go to work today, but man, after the couple of hours sleep I got last night, I could have done with sleeping! Hoping to get a nice long sleep tonight, as I have absolutely nothing I HAVE to do this weekend :oD

  3. Very cute printables, thanks for sharing and enjoy your shopping, we don't have a black friday here in Australia but I can just imagine the bedlam!

  4. Black Friday sounds like a nightmare - i saw photos of queues and snatching. I'm not a fan of crowd myself. Unless it's a big ticket item, I won't squeeze for the discount. In Singapore we have sales before the major festive seasons plus the month long Great Singapore Sale.



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