Thursday, November 10, 2011

Minnesota Quilt Block

Has anyone else had a week that made you want to punch it in the face and then kick it while it was down? I don't have any specific occurrences that made it a bad week; as a matter of fact it was quite a good week, objectively speaking. But there was a feeling or something about it that has made me eager for it to be part of the past. It seemed to have a lot of WTF moments, that's for sure. Maybe it's the time change, perhaps the impending full moon, who knows. But...just...ugh....or whatever.

OK, moving on. The other night I decided to "throw" together my Minnesota quilt block for the QAL. This was perhaps the mostest perfectest block I have made from start to finish. I think I am very in love with foundation paper piecing. How can you go wrong when you're sewing on a printed straight line and have extra fabric to cover your...y'know....  The block patterns thus far have been pretty straightforward. I've seen some really complicated looking blocks out there--we haven't hit those yet, but I'm actually eager to give one a go. My past few blocks haven't been terrible, and I credit the foundation piecing for that.

So here it is:

The plain red is a lot more vibrant than I thought it would be - that's the only thing I think I'd change if I were to have a do-over (which I'm not). Or maybe more cherries...I never can get enough of sweet little cherry prints.

Here are the parts that were paper-pieced (the hourglass blocks were traditionally stitched):

There is no way they would look that nice without the paper piecing. It's a little weird to get used to the method--it seems so counter-intuitive, but once you get going you don't even think twice.

So that's that. I've been stuffing Christmas trees and doing some super-fun hand sewing (insert sarcasm here) this week, but they're all done and I'm glad for it. Now I'm off to bed. Usually I wouldn't write/say/acknowledge something like this since it's so cliche, but I feel it so fervently this week I must: T.G.I.F. :)


  1. Nice block. Love the red! I love the way paper piecing looks, bot I don't like to do it.

  2. Oh hell yes, this week has been super crappy! And I fear early next week won't have improved much :o( Fab block though :o)

  3. Beautiful!! I'm totally blown away with what can be achieved with paper piecing, I'm becoming drawn in to the whole scary world of quilting the local fabric store owner is seeing pound signs in her eyes each time she sees me!
    It has been a funny old week for me too, I'd gladly give it another punch for you!
    Kandi x



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