Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pink and White

Is anybody else a little bit...stymied? to how Labor Day is in just over a week? And then we hit the time of the year where time flies faster than any other? It does not seem at all possible. This summer seems to have gone by unusually fast. So fast that days go by before I realize I haven't blogged. In a bit of a paradoxical way, I don't mind the onset of cooler weather (even though it has been cooler than normal this year) as I get to haul out sweaters and jeans and boots and cozy clothes and all that good stuff.

ANYhoodle, I finished a little crochet blankie a few weeks ago. It was quite a long work in progress as my baby blanket mojo waned majorly along the way. I really wanted to make a some-color and white granny squarish blanket with a flower in the center of each. It took a long time to figure out just what I wanted. I ended up using this tutorial for the flower and the first round, and then just crossed my fingers and went for it to give each square a granny border that I could easily join together. Luckily there was just the right amount of stitches to work out nice and even.

I used baby weight yarn for this (the pattern called for worsted, but I wanted something lighter and airier). while the pattern wasn't difficult it wasn't easy. It took a few practice shots to get the flower right, and it wasn't one of those sleep-through-it blocks. I had to check and count each one, so it wasn't the relaxing little project I had envisioned.

To join the squares I used the continuous join as you go method. It was definitely a little strange to get the hang of as something seems so wrong about it, but it all matches up in the end and you have a couple ends to weave in vs. a multitude. The back looks just as soft and pretty as the front as the stitches have a slightly different look to them.

The pink is such a soft color that I used the same for joining the squares so it wouldn't end up so very white. I like the balance between the two much more this way.

I did a very simple, very basic shell stitch border to soften the squareness of it all. So easy to do, but it adds such a feminine touch without being too much.

The size and light weight of the yarn makes this a lovely blanket for a baby--it's a bit airy, and not too thick or heavy, but would still be warm and cozy. As I don't have anyone to give this to at the moment I've decided to sell it in case you have someone to give it to. Here's the shop link if you're interested.

I've been pretty productive this week. I've finished the bag I was working on (and if you follow me on FB--link at the top of the sidebar--you'll know I may have sewn things together upside down and had to redo them) but I can't wait to share that one with you. Just needs a press and it's portrait taken.

I'm taking tomorrow off from work to treat myself to a sewing day. I'm very looking forward to it. Have a happy Friday!!!


  1. Stymied. That's exactly the word. Over the last few days I've felt a little hm. Something between, annoyed, pissed off, sad and melancholie. Stymies seems a good word. We've had a fantastic summer in NL and we just got back from a great vacation abroad. And now... it's 16C, stormy... and I have a garden party wedding to go to (and Best Woman... so can't skip it). Stymied.

  2. What a cute blanket, it really is very pretty. i haven't done any crochet in such a long time. I've never really known what labor day is, is it just a bank holiday? We get one on Monday, YAY!

  3. This is darling! I love the scalloped edging.... and the flowers in the middle of the squares. =)



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