Monday, September 15, 2014

Things I Don't Get Tired Of


Fun times with people I love--

And rainbows :)

I know I've been a bit absent from my blog lately. At first I thought it was due to summer, but I've realized it's just me settling into a different routine. A few months ago I got completely disgusted with the weight I've slowly accumulated, and decided to really buckle down and improve myself by cleaning up my diet and exercising like I mean it. The numbers aren't decreasing as quickly as I'd like, but I'm definitely more toned and feeling and looking better. I've also gone on this yarn kick where I feel compelled to make lots of sweaters. That's an extravagant kick, but I've already made one and have a good bit done on another. It was originally going to be a cable-knit, but I know I'm going to despise where the single wide cable falls on my body so I'm making it a very simple tunic length sweater that hopefully fits the right amount of snug. The thing with knitting a sweater is it takes a while. Like a lot more 'while' than I had originally anticipated.

Another thing I don't get tired of is sharing with all of you. So if you're interested in bits of this or that here and there, you can follow me on Instagram (link at the top of the sidebar). See you around!


  1. Good girl! I need to do the same!

  2. It's good to hear from you! I'm in the same place, trying to eat cleaner, weight SLOWLY dropping but things are fitting better. I haven't had a problem with the eating part but I despise any type of exercise (especially with the temps still in the 100's) but I'm trying. Glad to see you post!

  3. Congratulations on the new healthier you! I went through a knitting and crocheting kick a couple years ago. Arthritis in my hands makes it more difficult with each year. Good to see a new blog from you.

  4. Getting healthy is HARD work! I tend to end up halfway through a pregnancy, making all kinds of excuses and justifications, and getting unhealthy. So good for you for buckling down and getting toned. =) I don't ever get tired of flowers, rainbows, and fun with loved ones either.



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