Sunday, September 7, 2014

What's This Decision: Blocks 25-28

Hello! I just realized that it's been a week since I've posted here. I don't think that's ever happened before! If you follow me on Instagram (icon to the right) you'll know I've been working on a sweater and finished said sweater and that the aforementioned sweater fits, and I love it! However, summer waited until September to show up here in Philly, and if you think I'm prancing around in a toasty sweater in the heat while trying not to let you see in the pics the sweating I'd surely be doing I'd have to tell you that you are mistaken. The sweater is perfectly soft and squishy (and did I mention it fits?) but cooler weather will have to prevail before I cajole someone into taking some pics of me in it to show you.

I just laid out the fabrics on my dining room table to keep on going with this quilt, so I figured I should show you the final four blocks that I made a few months ago now on this quilt.

"I'd surely rather be dusting than sewing!" said no woman ever.

"Ma! Do we have any stamps?"
"Check the junk drawer!" (which is the name of the red fabric).
"I did!! We only have leftover Christmas stamps with a creepy Santa on them!"
(Seriously--isn't that Santa kind of scary?)

This one is simply because I like aprons. And sewing. 

I'm dating myself here, but "Let's talk about [quilts], baby..."
Get it? Salt-n-Pepa? Because of the center and the sheet music and the cassettes? 
I think there were some teachers cringing when this was a hit when I was in seventh grade, as there was a group of girls who would just randomly sing songs in homeroom, and when they learned this particular song bugged our more prim teachers they made this their encore...

It's Restaurant Week here in Philadelphia (wherein participating restaurants that are usually quite pricey offer limited menus at more affordable prices), and we're headed out for that later today, so I guess I'd best get dressed if I want to cast my next sweater onto my knitting needles before I have to get ready. I'm nervous as it's cable-knit and the sweater I just made was crocheted, so the idea of making a mistake and having the whole thing come undone has me feeling a little wiggly, but I'm also bolstered by the fact that the last sweater fit (I don't know if I mentioned that at all).

Have a happy Sunday! 


  1. Have fun at the eating event!!! We have that there too. Fun times. Love the blocks. And can't wait to see the sweaters! Cable you are a brave one!!
    xo Kris

  2. I think I've mentioned this before, but it's pretty much a requirement for anyone who sews to sew an apron at some point... so that block is right on! And yes, that Santa is totally creepy.

    1. Also, awesome that the sweater fits! I don't know if you mentioned that, but somehow I just knew. ;-) Looking forward to some cold weather so I can see it, and hopefully the cable-knit one too! =)



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