Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Brief Note

Dear Mama Nat (aka Mother Nature)--

I get it. You tried. You made the newscasters act like things were about to get crazy, that roads were about to be slick, and that we should all stock up for the weekend.

Then you came for a brief visit overnight and were gone by early morning. On a Saturday. No chance for an early-out/late-in for work.

Now, I'm a reasonable person. I don't expect you to deliver another winter like last year every year (though I wouldn't complain--I enjoyed it all until about mid-March when it got a little tiresome).

But you can do better than this. I'll tell you what I'd like over the next few days. I'd like the mailman to get here with either my yarn or my new knitting needles so I can get on with the stitchery. And then I'd like you to do something with enough vigor to get me out of work on Tuesday.

And then you can go back to relaxing, okay? I just want one good storm. Deal?

Thanks in advance,


  1. I'd love a good snow storm to, preferably tomorrow so I won't have to commute for 1.5 hr. But not Thusrday and Friday as I'll be traveling to Belgium then. Ta!

  2. Dear Bethany,
    Please feel free to join me in Massachusetts this week where they are predicting a blizzard of epic proportions!
    Nancy from PugMom Quilts!

  3. I think you got your wish right? I believe we have the same forecast and mine says 12 - 24 inches between now and tomorrow! Good luck with a day off tomorrow.

  4. Oh, I can SO relate. We live in this little area (frequently referred to as a banana belt - maybe because of the shape of the area?) that does not get much snow. Every nearby town may have school closed from snow, and we may not see so much as a light dusting. It disappoints my boys every time. Last year, I remember grocery shopping in a town about 15 minutes away by car and the snow really started coming down. On my way home, about a mile from our house, it just stopped. I don't like it to hang around forever, but a day or two of snow to keep the family home with hot cocoa and the boys building snowmen with a snowball fight or two is always good fun!

  5. Sounds like he let you down again today, Bethany. Maybe you'll get a nice big one before winter's over. Just keep it north of the Mason Dixon line ;)




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