Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Uncropped Tale of a Cropped Cardigan

Ahoy ahoy! How's your year going so far? I can tell you right now that mine is simply smashing. Starting on the first itself, I woke up with a stiff neck that has yet to twenty-three skidoo. I got foundation on my most perfect white shirt (and if you've ever done that you'll know it's the most impossible sort of stain to get out). And finally, I decided to break my camera. I wanted to take pictures of the sweater you're about to see, and I don't even know what happened but it hit the floor and is nice and kerplooey (the very nice man at the camera repair shop suggested not fixing it but buying a new one as the cost/worth ration wasn't in my favor). I managed to score a very sweet deal on a new camera with which I'm on a learning curve as it's a different brand, but so far I dig it, man. OK, enough about me. Let's get on to the whole point of this post, and that's my sweater. Which is still about me, but different.

OK--let's start off with how I look when I'm slightly nauseated because I just broke one of my favorite things.

A few notes: I'm in the spare room, hence the interesting...decor. Two, there is nothing on my shirt in the tummy area--I have no idea why it looks like I just dropped a powdered doughnut on myself. And third--these pictures are not so hot as I broke my good camera (in case I forgot to mention it).

This pattern is a Lion Brand free pattern (you just need to register with the site) and the yarn is Lion Brand Wool Ease in Chestnut Heather. I'm not fond of it with the black but about half an hour prior to these photos was the aforementioned makeup mishap. I would never have considered making this sweater by viewing it on the LB site, but I saw on their blog a version that I fell in love with. The video tutorial makes everything so much easier to do nicely, and explains how to get a more customized length (I don't do cropped as I feel like a linebacker busting out of their clothes). 

This is a top-down knit raglan cardigan--that made me nervous but it is so stinkin' easy it's crazy. The raglan increases are yarn overs, and give these delightful 'holes' as a design feature.

They're on the back, as well. I did have to rip back a little when I messed up that part as it would have looked terrible in the finished product if they didn't line up.

The only part that made me very nervous was the pick-up-and-knit button bands. The tutorial certainly helped, but it took me forever to do it, just the same. I did manage to pick up a nice straight line, though--

It even looks nice and neat on the inside:

Even with lengthening the sleeves a few inches and the sweater itself by several this was still a pretty quick project. I've never before worn a short-sleeved sweater so it's something I have to get used to (I keep feeling the urge to pull my sleeves down). But it's warm and not heavy or bulky or anything. There is only one thing that bugs me:

See that kind of ripple at the neck? I did block this sweater, so I have no idea why it's there. All I can think of it is that it's the ribbing pulling a little bit. Any knitters out there have any idea on the why and the how to get rid of it? Again we're ignoring whatever is on my shirt (I think it might be a mirror smudge). 

I think I'm on the wane in my sweater knitting obsession. I'm almost finished a sweater jacket, and then I think it will be small projects after that. I got a big box of yarn for Christmas and I can't wait to turn it into an afghan. My sister wants a slouchy hat. And I've got to find a sewing project to get my motivation going again. I don't know how people who never have anything to do can stand it.


  1. Your sweater is adorable! (It makes me want to learn to knit, but I have no idea when I would find time for another craft, not to mention find a place for more craft materials!) Even with the little ripple at the neck (I would not have noticed without the mention in your post), it is adorable. Lovely job!

  2. I think it's so cool you can do this. making my own garments, still make my head spin. And not in a good way. So you 'accidentally' dropped your camera so you could buy a new one.... uhuh... ;-)

  3. Your sweater is cute! I am going to tell you how to get the foundation off your white shirt. It also works on the orange marks suntan lotion leaves on white shirts. Ready? Barkeepers Friend. It's by the cleanser for kitchen cleaning. Make a paste using water and rub it in good. Let sit, then rinse. I know it's crazy but I think it will work!

  4. I love the way the increases are worked... it looks awesome! I'm not much of a knitter, but I've heard knitters mention more than once that they increased the size of their needles when they did the ribbing on a project. But seriously, I would never have noticed the slight ripple at the neckline if you hadn't pointed it out... though now that I'm looking, there appears to be a slight ripple in the same spot on Lion Brand photo. I'm impressed with your straight line in picking up the stitches along the edge.

  5. I love your sweater. You will have to keep us posted on how it wears for you. I made a sweater that I was really pleased with using Wool-Ease and it pilled on the arms/elbows. Argh. Of course, you don't have long sleeves so I hope you luck out! I will never use that brand again. :(

  6. This is a very flattering sweater. I would buy it. Except it can't have wool as I itch from wool. But very well done. I get the doughnut print now and then. It's a combination of the fabric print and lighting. How to get rid of it? Get a better camera.



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