Monday, February 16, 2015


Lately it has been cold here. We even had some light snow. We're supposed to get some more tonight. And a little more on Saturday. It's about time (though it can hold off on Saturday as that's the day of the benefit for my sister).

Lately Z-man has grown up. He came in on Thursday with flowers and candy. He handed me my most favorite candy and said "Here. These are the good flavors. Not those weird ones you buy." He and I have a lengthy debate going on over who makes the best candy hearts--Necco or everyone else. He says everyone else. I say I don't care, just give me the candy!

Lately I ate this doughnut. When a co-worker texts you to get your cup of tea ready and you have an inkling why, and then he walks in the door with a box of these you don't ask questions. You send your calls to voice mail and delight in the deliciousness.

Lately I've been doing my nails. I've been trying nail wraps. You heat them with a hair dryer, stick them to your nails, and trim. I keep holding my hands out and staring at them as I'm so used to never having polish or anything on my nails. The best thing is once I'm done I can go off and do things without worrying about smudges.

Lately I've been frogging. I started a simple crochet shrug to have something to wear with my sleeveless dress to my cousin's wedding next month (I'm always worried I'll be freezing, and my current choices are a cardigan that would not work and a zippered hoodie). I made the sleeves two different lengths and had to rip almost all the way to the beginning. But I'm on track now. I think this yarn is going to be fabulous with my navy blue dress (but I can't get the colors to show properly--they look like the night sky and even have built-in sparkly star threads for a proper twinkle effect).

Lately it was Valentine's Day and a bunch of us went out for heart-shaped pizza (fuzzy pic due to dim lighting :) It was a fabulous night, and the snow was falling when we left the restaurant. No picture, but it was soft and beautiful. You don't need jewelry and roses to enjoy Valentine's Day, even if your valentines are a baker's dozen of your family members.

Lately my brain has been in overdrive with the benefit coming up for my sister and wondering if we've got all the bases covered. So I am going to go fill my brain with chain-1 spaces and double crochets instead (and hopefully finish the shrug that I've now made almost twice).

Stay warm!

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  1. That doughnut looks incredible. And so fluffy! More like a pillow than a doughnut. =)
    I'm looking forward to seeing more of that shrug... that is such a fun yarn!



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