Thursday, February 5, 2015


Do you know where you were thirteen years ago? I do. I know exactly where I was. I was in a local billiards hall (and no it doesn't just sound seedy, it was seedy but it was one of those situations where you kind of have a crush on a guy and you're hanging out, so you figure you'll just go wherever even though normally you'd say "Ew! Not there!" but you have a crush so you try to be a good sport...?). OK, so that's where I was. I was most likely bored out of mind. And then, at around 10:00, the call came. I had a nephew. I was actually with several of my brother's friends at this hall (yes, I had a crush-ish on one of them) so we all left that seedy place for another to have a celebratory drink (don't judge me OK? I've grown since then :) So Z's Aunt Bee has a real classy story about where she was when he was born. But on to my point. My little guy is thirteen!!!! Teeeeeennn!!! As in teenager! Ack!!!

This was on Sunday at my brother's house. We always have a combined Super Bowl-birthday party, and he doesn't mind as he hates being the center of attention but likes being acknowledged so it works out perfectly. To get him to pose for a picture is tough as at the last second he always throws in some crazy face, so I had to be a sneak. Look at the grown-uppiness of it--the posture, the casual game playing, the hat, the 'sideburns' as this kid has a ridiculous amount of hair that grows ridiculously fast.

Somehow my sister Alicia managed to get this shot of him in between looking bored and being silly.

I don't care how old he gets. This is how I always 'see' him--

Thirteen. I have to go cry myself to sleep now over this. Which, coincidentally is how I went to bed when I turned thirteen. I was so very sad about growing up. I still feel that way.


  1. Time flies when you are having fun! He's a cutie!
    Dear girl, I have not been able to blog or read blogs much. I have missed you kiddo. I wanted to tell you that I read way back and saw your post about your sister! Hit me hard. I have been praying for her since, and wanting tontalknto you and let you know much I am thinking of you all. Praying she will respond well to treatment, and be just fine.
    Love ya

  2. I always see my kids as 5 or 6 years old. I shouldn't but I do. That's when they are least stressed out and also cutest. Once they turned 7 and entered primary school, everything changed.



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