Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Official Points Tally


Ok, kids, if you're checking in for the official score, here goes.

My sister: one
Cancer: zero (nice try, but zero)

Some of you send me emails inquiring about my sister's progress, and it's something I truly appreciate more than you know. Cancer is something that touches every single person in some way, so the sympathy and concern that comes from that is a natural reaction.

After her sessions/rounds/cycles/I don't even know what they're called of chemo, she had a scan earlier this week, and that came back clear. Clear. As in no cancer cells were waving their illuminated hands yelling "Here I am!" So with the right dose of science, a little faith, and a middle-finger-up attitude, those cells who didn't know when to leave the party finally skedaddled. And hopefully for good. Like I-hope-the-doorknob-hit-them-on-the-way-out for good. Like twenty-three-skidoo for good. Like make-like-a-try-and-leave for good. Like....OK, I'm tapped out, but you get it.


  1. What wonderful wonderful news to see this morning! I knew she could do it!

  2. I'm so happy to hear this! YEAH! To clear scans!

  3. Damn, I totally missed this! (Damn being absorbed in work and damn Blogger eating half my blogupdates). I am so sorry your family had to go through all this anxiety, but I am utterly happy for you guys that she's on the mend. Big hugs.



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