Monday, February 22, 2016

Murder Mystery Quilt Along

For the past few months I've been feeling largely unfocused and unmotivated. I haven't loved any of the things I've made (the very few of them, at that), and have conflicted feelings of wanting to do nothing and everything, all at once. It's unsettling, especially when I look back over what has become my neglected little blog and see how I used to crank out project after project.

Today I was browsing my blog feed, and something caught my eye. A murder mystery quilt along. I've seen mystery block quilt alongs before, but it was the word 'murder' that peaked my interest in this one. Intrigued, I clicked on over to the course description, and after trying to talk myself out of it signed right up.

Here's the idea--you sign up (there is a fee but it's not too cumbersome), and every month you get a chapter of the story and a quilt block that is directly related to the chapter. Each quilt block and the directions may have clues contained within them, in addition to those in the story itself. If you join the Facebook group you can see the blocks that other group members are making, and maybe receive additional clues. There are even prizes at the end of the year-long project. Fabric recommendations are given, but you have total freedom to do what you want. When you complete the quilt you'll have everything you need to solve the mystery.

I just signed up today, so I'm already behind a little, but the blocks aren't too complicated and the fabric requirements aren't obnoxious so I'll be caught up before the week is out. I'm trying very hard to stick to stash fabrics, which is stretching my neurons for sure as I don't have a large store of fabric anymore.

I already feel a little more focused, and my brain has started whirring a little bit, so I'm excited for this. The hard part will be waiting for the new chapters to come out, but it's nice to have something to look forward to. If this sounds interesting to you too, you have another week to sign up--registration closes February 29th.

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  1. That is such a clever idea! I'm strongly tempted to sign up too, even though I have so many other things on my list right now. I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes for you!



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