Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Video Suggestion

Back when I first started blogging and sewing, I followed bag-making blogs like a fiend. I was eager for knowledge and inspiration (and liked to drool over pretty fabrics that I wasn't willing to splurge on yet). I churned out sample after sample, and sought out every which way to do something so I could find the technique that worked best for me. One of the first blogs I followed was Sew Christine. You may even remember that I tested this bag for her when it was in the works (it's still one of my favorites).

Anyway, a bit of time ago, she opened a small online shop to sell some bag-making bits. It's all good quality stuff in there. But what I really wanted to mention was that, in addition to your traditional tutorials, she's recently launched a YouTube channel to highlight various techniques. You can find her channel here (subscribe to get any updates), and her blog post about it here. You get some sewing know-how and a delightful English Aussie accent as well. So head on over and give a peek and a like to her new sewing adventure. Thanks!

I, for one, am off to investigate the snaps and setter she uses in this video.

See you soon!


  1. Hi Bethany
    I actually found, and started following, your blog because of a link from Sew Christine when you bag tested. I find the information she posts really informative, I'm a novice bag maker but have lots of plans - so many projects, so little time! I know Christine IRL - she was my boss many years ago and she's a very, very clever and funny person, always so passionate about crafting. I watched her first video and agree it's really informative, she teaches too, I have one of her classes on my wishlist. It's really funny that you mention her British accent, she's actually Australian but lived in the UK for years, to my ear she still sounds like an aussie! So funny to see her face pop up in your blog - two of my favourite reads in one place!

  2. Well Crikey! I'm heading over now!
    xo Kris



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