Sunday, March 13, 2016

Murder Mystery Quilt Along: Block 3

When I was in school I would come home and do my homework right away, and then find other things to do. Then, close to the last minute, I would work on long-term projects that were assigned. As I went through college I got much better at doing a little here and a little there so when it was the night before an assignment was due my mother wasn't plotting my murder and wondering how Mrs. Get-it-done-early conceived such a procrastinator. Now I have proof that sometimes it's better to wait.

The second Wednesday of every month is when the new block for the Murder Mystery Quilt Along is released. This month I shot home from work, got my workout in (I have a weight-loss bet going on so I have to be more diligent about it), and promptly assembled my quilt block. The next day there were a few comments in the Facebook group from people saying the applique didn't match the diagram, and was it correct? (I was so eager to sew I didn't pay any attention to it). Turns out it wasn't, and as I had fused my applique down (and it was leaving residue behind when I tried to peel it off) I ended up having to redo a small section of it. See, Mom? Waiting a few days would have been better (please note this is the first time in a trillion years I've been able to make this contrary argument).

Anyway, all is now well, my block is finished, and while I'm not wishing time away I am eager for the next block (this is surely a lesson in patience). So here it is (this one is called 'The Log Pile:')

For some reason I'm having a wicked time getting the green to show up correctly, but it's a nice limey-moss green, much brighter than the photo shows.

As you can guess the brown strips represent the logs (I think. I mean, in this block they do but in the overall layout I don't know what they represent). I had the center wood-grain fabric in my scraps, but I did have to buy a few fat quarters for the other two. I like how they have a little bit of a tree bark look to them. I was trying to make this entirely from scraps, but I did end up buying those and some more green. The background color looks like it will be quite dominant and I didn't want to have too many greens in the final quilt as my stash is quite slim.

In other news it was quite a downer of a Sunday--nephew number one (who is now FOURTEEN!!!) is officially taller than me. In inches. I have to look up at him now. And then, of course, no more Downton Abbey. Ever again. I did get my tax refund, though, so it wasn't all terrible.

Here's hoping for a happy Monday, surrounded by people shorter than me, and plenty of tea and flapper dresses (wishful thinking).


  1. Looking forward to seeing what your mystery quilt ends up looking like. Rather a strange looking block so far and I wonder how it will relate to the rest.

  2. Are you taller than me? I'm 166cm. I hope I'm taller.

  3. You might be surprised at the number of times I wished I had procrastinated but didn't! ;-) Of course the opposite is also true. =) I love that wood-grain fabric!

  4. I have met this with mystery projects before. The worst part is when people notice a mistake and the designer tells them they are mistaken. In my experience, the designer has the problem.
    This is going to be a very interesting quilt.



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