Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ramblings and a quilt block

How quickly can you eat a Dannon Light 'n Fit yogurt? I can do it in about twenty seconds. Wanna know how I know? I just did it. We're having our annual health fair at work tomorrow, and I have to fast for twelve hours for the blood work-up they offer. I like to eat something about twelve hours and five minutes before my appointment so I don't feel too hungry before bed, but I almost forgot. I had 30 seconds to get it in, so it was the fastest yogurt eating ever. With ten seconds to spare, thank you very much.

Last year at the health fair I walked in feeling great. In the first five minutes I was told my body mass index was too high (by 1 number). I don't put much faith in that number anyway, so I wasn't too perturbed, especially since my clothes fit exactly the same as they did when my number was just fine. Then I had my blood drawn. She didn't do something right and it didn't stop bleeding and other people freaked out and everyone was looking at me and I had a huge bruise for a week and it wasn't a lot of blood but it was more than it should have been and I just wasn't pleased about it. Then I did the bone density thing where they measure your foot (and I've always had oddly delicate feet, but the rest of my bones are big and sturdy) and the girl doing the test told me it looked like I have osteoporosis (which I didn't - I followed up with my family doctor). I walked out of there and ran into one of the coordinators who was all happy-skippy and she says  "Well??!?!?!? How was it?!?!?!?! Wasn't it great?!?!?!?!?!" I looked at her with my mostest seriousest of faces and told her "When I came in here I felt fabulous. Now I'm fat, bleeding, and I have osteoporosis." But all my blood numbers fell dead center in the normal range, so there. I feel good and happy and healthy, so I'm not going to worry that someone thinks my butt could be smaller or trust a machine that looks like a toy my nephew used to have to decide if I have weak bones.

OK, THAT little bit is over. I didn't even intend to write it but once it was coming out I figured I'd go with it. So onto this week's quilt block (quite a leap in topics, eh?) This week was an official paper-pieced block. I haven't paper-pieced before where the pattern is drawn on the paper and you sew over it. While I'm not exactly a proponent of wasting paper like that, I did really like the accuracy and stability while sewing. And it was kind of fun, too. This is the part that was paper-pieced:

Not a wiggle or a squiggle at all. Everything came together nice and neat. And it went so quickly!! Maybe it was because I didn't pin or because I didn't have to be precise with fabric cutting until I trimmed it to size at the end. But it was much less stressful than other blocks. Here's the whole bit:

This isn't what it's supposed to look like but it's not messed up. When I laid out the rows I liked this arrangement better. Besides, what it's "supposed" to be is similar to a block I've made already. I also reversed my lights and darks, just because and why not and it's my block and I can do what I want with it, right?

I'm looking forward to a cozy weekend of sewing. The temperature is going to drop and they even mentioned snow, which is unlikely but would be oodles of fun. Because me likes snow. I have a few small orders to pump out, and one fairly large order. Plus a quilt to finish, and a few other things listed on a piece of paper rattling around in my handbag. I feel optimistic...but I never know when the lazies will sneak up on me. I best get to it and keep to it if I'm going to finish by Thanksgiving. She had hiiigggghhh hopes...she had hiiigggghhhh hopes... I'm delirious from hunger right now! Not really. It's just an excuse. OK, I'm going to bed. This could go on for a while. I'm in a silly mood right now.


  1. Gah! I hate those heath fair things they do at work, you always end up feeling worse than before.

    The block looks great, would never have guessed its not the way its meant to be!

  2. Hmm, sounds like that health fair could cause your blood pressure to sky rocket! Hope this year is better than last :o)

    I don't know about the leap in topic though,it's got red in it, blood, right? Still, looks fab, and yes, paper piecing that way is great isn't it?

  3. Such health checks are designed to make one feel rotten. Once, let's say a long time ago, I was super fit, super healthy and you know what I was told? I need to at more bananas to prevent myself from feeling giddy. But I don't feel giddy, I said. The health officer replied that according to my health record, I should be giddy.

  4. I'm sorry Beth, but I did have a good laugh with your story!! What is this? What is the actual purpose of this health inspection? We (here in Greece) don't have these kind of things!!! I hope your arm is better and that awful bruise is gone now!! I hate when that happens because it's happened to me numerous times and I know that it might be soar too!!!
    Leap of topic!! Don't you just love paper piecing? And yes it came out so neat!! And of course just lovely:D I haven't been in the mood for sewing for a week now, honestly I haven't made anything, just some embroidery tests!! but up to this!! I'm sick since last Wednesday!!! Soar throat, running nose, awful cough which makes me not sleep well and have this whining tone even in written!!! Well!!! hope you have a great Sewing weekend:D



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