Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Perfect Weekend

Friday afternoon we ladies all piled into the car and headed west for a relaxing weekend with my grandma. She had all the things grandmas are supposed to have - homemade jellies, cake, and tea. Good thing I did a stellar job with the diet last week because caloric debauchery is the best way to describe the weekend. I showed her my quilts, and she insisted on taking photographs to share with her quilting club friends. She yelled at me a little because I don't pre-wash my quilt fabrics. I told her I'll start. I yelled at her a little because she was showing me mistakes in something and I had to tell her that "we just don't do that, remember?" I snapped a few photos from her yard - the sunshine was so beautiful and the sky so blue I couldn't help it.

It hadn't rained - this was morning dew, still hanging around in the early afternoon. Grandma says these are called burning bushes. My mother and sister informed me that I insist on calling them bleeding bushes. I trust them. I probably do.

 Same bush in the late afternoon sun.

 Look at those huge drops of dew! You know what's fun? Walking through wet grass...that has been recently cut. It sticks to your shoes like you wouldn't believe. I would have taken a picture, but I need new shoes. Not because of the grass. I just do. And I didn't want you to see the sorry state of them.

 I've been informed this is goldenrod. There was one tiny patch of it hiding behind a tree.

 Some trees have started to change. Others are still stuck in summer mode.

 I looooooove this single red tree, gettin' down with its rebellious self.

Soooo.....you know how I love craft/fabric stores? Like a lot? Like an obscene amount of a lot? We were all just sitting there, probably eating, when Grandma slides into the conversation "Do you have Hobby Lobby over your way?" I told her no, the closest is up in Bethlehem, but from what I see online I reaaalllly want them to open one. She casually says "They just opened one over where Giant Eagle used to be." I got super-excited but I didn't want to guilt-trip anyone into going. But the next day sister Rachel was all "I'll go with you!" So off we went. What a nice store! Clean, neat, well-organized, bright, decently priced. I was jealous of people who live near a Hobby Lobby. I only bought a new seam ripper (the fabrics were adorable, but I'm trying hard not to buy what I don't need). My sister, on the other hand, made a few purchases for something she wanted to try - oil pastel...painting? drawing? I'm not sure what the technique is... I hope she doesn't kill me for posting her first attempts on here, but I warned her they would be going up - 


I was kind of jealous of that new art/craft thing she had going on - you know the feeling? The one where you don't know a ton of what you're doing so you just go with it, but you're still so excited to learn, and try, and grow with it that sometimes you dream about it? I am envious of other people when they've got that "just learning" thing going on - it's probably one of the most exciting bits of crafty endeavors. To me, anyway. But maybe not you - we've already covered extensively how weird I am :)

 I have got the most wonderful bit of crochet going right now. I'm fighting the urge to show you until it's finished (which should be this weekend). It's waaaaay better than my Halloween crochet mishaps...  I've also got my quilt block for the week done. I am just moving right along! And tomorrow is Wednesday already! Woot!!! Ok, must be off to the Land of Nod. Work tomorrow....still haven't got that gig where someone pays me large amounts of money to sew and create all day.


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend Beth!! I love the pics of the burning bushes... can you send over some seed for this...??? it's just lovely!!! I know exactly what you mean about the new aft/craft thing, I want to learn to crochet...but I'm tooooooo intimidated by it!!!
    Can't wait to see your finished projects!!! woot!!! wooot!!!

  2. Hey we are all looking for that gig! What fun at Grandmas house. I would love to have a hobby lobby here. Your sis is quite a good artist!
    Have a great rest of the week!

  3. Oh, I love those garden pictures! It looks so idyllic and beautiful - which only reminds me that I'm sitting in a smelly city... Anyway, sounds like you've had a great weekend (with all that yelling at each other) and your sisters art is very sweet :-) xo

  4. Yay for fab weekends! I'm also still in search of that ellusive, pays me lts of money to sew all day, sorts of jobs. Either that or I need to hunt down a millionaire to marry. Or start playing the lottery...

  5. I love that lone red tree too! YOU GO LITTLE RED TREE!!! Glad you had a good time at Grandma's house and got some great nature shots. Your sister can paint! How exciting! I have a Hobby Lobby, come on over and we'll hang out there as long as you want.

  6. You don't pre-wash your fabric??? (i may be yelling a little) I wonder why women from a older gen tend to make jellies for company? I have an aunt-in-law who makes so much jelly that everytime I think of her, I think of jelly constantly being shoved in my face. Me and my kids are highly allergic to jellies. (that's the excuse we use)



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