Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bethany Gave Bethany An Award

I'm not losing it and speaking of myself in the third person. AnOTHer Bethany gave me the Versatile Blogger award. I've "won" this before, but I like doing the sharing part of these so here we go.

The other Bethany blogs over at A Fish Who Likes Flowers. She has a slight wreath obsession, and a major Mason jar obsession. I love seeing the stuff she comes up with because it's usually fun and creative and makes me want to steal it. Give her a look see and tell her the other Bethany sent you :) So thank you not-me Bethany for this fun award!

Now I get to share seven things about myself. Try and hide your excitement.

1. Identical twins intrigue me in a "Hey! There are TWO of you!" kind of way (duh, right?). I tend to stare when I see them like they have feet growing out of their foreheads, but I just get stupid over the fact that I'm staring at two of the same person. This occurred to me as I was watching some commercial for I don't remember what that had twins in it.

2. I am wicked afraid of spiders. Tonight, I went to go into the dining room (a.k.a my sewing room) and saw a dark something where the baseboard meets the carpet. I quickly assessed the situation and ran from the room yelling for my mom to kill it. She emptied a can of bug spray onto it, while I helpfully stood in the hallway and screamed obscenities that embarrassed even me. Then, in case it decided to come back to life, we put a plastic cup over it until my dad came home and could remove the corpse. I kept a keen eye on that cup in case it started moving across the floor. This spider had murder on its mind, I tell you. My heart was doing little flippies for at least an hour. This was probably the largest spider I have ever seen in my life, and I'm probably going to have nightmares tonight.

3. I only spill things on myself when I wear white. That's probably true for a lot of people.

4. I am still completely freaked out by number two above. It was a really big spider!

5. Scary movies don't bother me. The only movie that bothers me in a scared sort of way is Silence of the Lambs. But all those other flicks? Bah. I laughed during The Exorcist while my sisters were holding onto each other (yeah, I sold them out like that).

6. My sisters tell me I remind them of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. I'm ok with that.

7. I feel sincerely unfulfilled when I leave a book store without having bought anything. It's like leaving the craft store empty-handed. It gives me a "Now what?" sort of feeling.

I'm supposed to name 15 other blogs to award this to, but I'm going to break that rule - I'm going to put it down if you want to pick it up, because if you've got a blog you're probably versatile. Blogger deciding not to let you post? Blurring your photos? Adding spaces when you keep removing them? No way to deal with those but to be versatile! So pick it up and post it, and let me know so I can come check you out!

I managed to sew up the next quilt block after our home invader was removed, so I'll post that tomorrow. See ya!


  1. First of all, you forgot to mention my pillow-making obsession, but I'll let that one slide.

    Second, thank you for the sweet shout out.

    Third, I love the show The Big Bang Theory! Sheldon is my favorite character!

  2. Sheldon makes me laugh so don't worry ;-) And what ís it with spilling when wearing white!

  3. Heh, I fell asleep during Silence of the Lambs, it obviously wasn't scary enough ;o) Although I don't usually watch scary films, it just doesn't do it for me.

    I'm also like that with book shops.

    I have a bug hoover - my flatmate knows not to ask if he gets home to find the hoover outside the front door for a while, just in case it's not quite dead and wants to run away (only made that mistake once!)

  4. The Shining didn't scare you? My son IS Sheldon of Big Bang Theory.



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