Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fabric Giveaway Winner!!!

Happy Saturday! You should hear the wind blowing outside - it's perfectly sunny but crazy windy. I hope this means that fall weather will be here to stay. The warmer temperatures just seem to hang on. I want to wear boots and sweaters!!! Before I announce the winner I need to tell you that your comments were awesome - all that chatter about baking, apple picking, hayrides, quilting, knitting, campfires, and snuggling made me smile and nod along - yes! I want to do all those things! But if the weather doesn't literally chill out I'm going to feel a bit like a weirdo sitting around a campfire in a t-shirt.

Ok, so on to the winner of the fabric giveaway. We had 63 entries. Mr. Random Generator seemed to prefer this entry:

Which is this comment:

"Smelling fall." I know exactly what you mean :)

Esther, my darling, I'm off to email you about your win right now, but if you see this before you see that would you please email me your details for where you want your goodies shipped? I hope you have fun with these fabrics as well as the little surprise I'm tossing in.

Thank you all for participating! Enjoy your weekend! And check back tomorrow for my crochet project that I'm still madly in love with :)



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