Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Polka dots and potted plants

Meream tagged me (my first!) so I'm going to give this a go.  Before I start, I apologize for the quality of the photo.  Almost all of our photos are the good old-fashioned paper version (remember those?) and the scanner hasn't worked in aaaaaages, so I had to take a picture of a picture to have something to post.  It's not fabulous, but it'll serve it's purpose.

Anyway, the rules:
1. Post a picture from your childhood (less than 13 years old).
2. Write something about the picture.
3. Tag your friends and readers.

So, here's what I chose:

I'm five or six in this spectacular photograph.

Obviously (or I hope it's obvious) this was taken on Halloween.  My grandmother made this entire costume for me and I loved it.  It was very comfy (and roomy enough to wear normal clothing under--which my mom always made us wear under our costumes because Halloween aways seemed to be cold--without making you look puffy and misshapen).  I do believe both of my sisters wore this costume as well, but neither of them as well as I did.

A vivid memory for me revolves around this costume, and yet has little to do with it.  Being the odd duck that I was I used to like to wear my Halloween costumes around the house long after Halloween was over and done with....and I mean looooong after.  Like April.  One of my sisters was just under one, and my mom used to put her in one of those walkers that every kid used to have when they were learning to walk.  My mom had this big potted plant in the corner of our living room, and my sister used to like to toddle over to it and try to eat the dirt in the pot.  My mom left the room for a minute and told me to make sure my sister didn't get near the plant.  About a second after she left the room, my grandmother called and I answered the phone and sat there gabbing for a few minutes.  My grandma asked where my mom was, and I told her she was in the kitchen or something, and then she asked who was watching my sister. I distinctly remember saying to her "I am, but she's eating dirt right now" with nary a hint of alarm in my voice.  My grandma told me that I'd better go stop her and we hung up, at which point my mom came into the room.  She was not exactly pleased with me, so she sent me to my room.  And this was fine with me--because that's where my books, crayons, dolls, etc. were.  The amusing part? I was wearing this costume.  And when I think about it as though I were an invisible observer in the room the ridiculousness of it makes me laugh.

Unfortunately, I haven't been blogging long enough to have any bloggy friends to tag with this...but if you've stopped in and want to give it a shot leave me a comment so I can see what you come up with.


  1. There's the bangs I remember and love so much! Very cute!

  2. Haha you were a wonderful babysitter! :D That costume looks great. Do you still have it?

  3. I have the coolest picture from when i started my first day of Kindergarten, but not sure how to tag myself on this site. So I will put it on facebook.

  4. I DO still have it. My mother saved anything and everything my grandmother sewed for us--dresses, robes, costumes...



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