Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blink and You'll Miss Him...Literally

Want to see a picture of Charlie chasing his ball?

Yeah, I missed it too.  Little guy is faaaaaast!  On a side note--check out that orb top centerish! I'm wondering what THAT's about.

OK, take number two:

Theeeeeere he is.  Believe it or not this is the best shot I could get.  He has to be the quickest dog I have ever seen. Usually he's going so fast he overruns the ball and skids to a stop on his belly.  He has this little routine all worked out where he tears around the yard in a figure eight, then runs to the front steps of the porch, runs across and leaps into the yard off of the back steps of the porch.  Then he runs to the front, runs across the porch, and leaps again.  He repeats this about five times.   It's almost like in his little dog brain he's practicing maneuvers, but for what I know not.  After he completes his little practice session, he stops and flops and looks like this:

But of course he has no interest in the ball at this point except for keeping away anyone who may try to take it.

The Chuckster here is a super-sweet dog.  He tolerates pretty much everything, he doesn't chew, doesn't snap or bite or growl (unless someone he doesn't know yet comes over), and he loves to snuggle.  Soooooo glad he's here.

And he fits right in...

...because we do love our potato chips in this establishment.

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  1. I am terrified of dogs! But I can appreciate them from photos. :) So so cute.



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