Thursday, July 8, 2010

Grandma's Got a Green Thumb

I've transplanted myself elsewhere for the weekend.  A nice long weekend.  It's family reunion time in Oakdale, PA.  We came in this afternoon, but I think my stomach is still somewhere on the Turnpike.  I won't feel settled until tomorrow after a nice hot shower and a good long sleep.

It's not quite as hot here as it is back home, but the humidity is making itself very well known.  Fortunately, my grandma's secret* gardening skills provided me with some lovely, flowery photographs in every color of the visible light spectrum. If you need a quick review of the VLS, here's a visual:

 It's very twirly when the wind catches it, and multi-colored yummy when the sun hits it. 

This little guy and his friends welcome you to the porch.  He also reminds me that I never made anything out of that fabric I bought.

And this guy lets you know just how hot it is outside....I liked him more when he was telling a different story.  And this was after the temperature had dropped a few degrees.

There's not a bad seat on the porch--everywhere you look is pretty.

I would be one super-duper happy camper if I had such an awesome place to stretch out and read.

Wouldn't it be great if trees could just spit flowers out of their trunks?  Because those hanging flower bags can get a little fiddly.

These tree stumps were trees not too long ago.  Recent wind storms made them decide to wreak a little havoc.  And Grandma's got the insurance claims to prove it.

I don't have much to say about this boot planter, other than 'Adorable!'

After my traipse around the yard, I felt I deserved some relaxation:
Lemonade, knitting, crossword puzzles, and a good book--that's all I need to properly chillax.

And Grandma doesn't know it yet but I'm going to try and steal these when I leave here on Sunday:

I'm going to try and stuff these napkin rings and place-mats in my weekender bag along with this radio.

Nightie-night, folks.  Stay cool (I mean that temperature-wise, but if you're cool in the awesome sense then keep doing that, too).

*The secret is that some of these are artificial...but I'm not going to name names.

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  1. Wow what a beautiful post, I adore the pic of the flowers in the bags on the tree!
    It is unseasonably hot here in the UK too, I am haveing trouble sleeping we are just not used to it. Have a lovely day.
    Kandi x



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