Sunday, June 5, 2011

Focus on the Bow

My cousin Mollie cracks me up. She sent me an email a few weeks ago asking me make her a bag for spring and summer, big but not huge, good enough for work and daily use. She even picked out her own fabric and the pattern she wanted (it doesn't get much easier than that). There was an adorable bow on the strap that she was in love with. She told me "I kind of like the zipper pocket inside. And I'm ok with the rings. But the part I really need is the bow. Just focus on that bow." I had the feeling I could have sent her anything and as long as there was a decent bow she'd be happy :)

These were the fabrics she selected:

 Magnolia Lane Blooming Tulips by Michael Miller

Nicey Jane Welcome Road Stripe by Heather Bailey

She told me to tell her if I didn't think they matched because matching isn't her forte (and I thought "Uh oh. I'm the one who would pair cherries with rubber duckies because cute matches cute, right?") but I thought they were splendid (so I know a good match when I see one but I just can't pick it out for myself--welcome to my dating life, bwahahahaha). It was such delightful fabric to cut into - the colors were vibrant but soft, and the fabric was soft but really sturdy feeling.

She chose this hobo bag from JCaroline Creative. It was a fairly simple bag to put together. I'm glad I've made oodles of bags before because there were a few things that didn't sit right with me that I changed. I didn't like the way her straps were connected so I changed that. And I re-ordered some of her steps. But for the most part I followed it exactly as written. Of course, the part I concentrated most on was the final step - the bow. She's been received in Ole Virginny, so I can show you without ruining the surprise - here she is:

I fussy-cut the fabric to get maximum flowers on there. And it falls to a perfect point against you - not too long, not too short.

Happy green zipper and a magnetic snap closure (tip for you: I find that if I sew a square of fleece to the back side of the fabric where the snap is it really stays so much more secure. It took me way too long to learn that.

I found these gorgeous wooden rings on sale at Joann's and scooped up a few. I think they give a really nice touch to the bag and go much better than metal hardware would have with this fabric.

And here's the bow. I think I retied this bow at least eight times. I was under such pressure that I kept tying it funny.

So that's that. I made this bag in an evening - true story. And it was really quite fun to put together. I think I might make one of these for myself for summer. It's quick enough that I might actually accomplish it, too.

Now I must scoot because "The Killing" is coming on soon. See you tomorrow for the start of Summer Daze!!

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  1. hahah i think the bow turned out very cute! :)

  2. When your cousin said bow, I thought it meant put a bow-tie like thing on the front of the bag. hehe. That's why I don't do custom bags! I misinterprete. Btw, congrats on your candles win.

  3. This is so beautiful, I am in LOVE...Especially the bow, hahaha!

  4. Oh your cousin is going to be thrilled to pieces! Love the bag! Fussy cutting the print for max floral was such a great way to go. IT is so summery! GREAT bow!!!
    Loved your recent comment on my blog!!!

  5. I'm sure your cousin will love it:) You did it again Beth:) I love the bow, and I kinda agree with Jane P, at first I thought she meant a bow tie!!! I love the floral print!!!

  6. BEAUTIFUL! I love the shape, and you did that fussy cutting so well. I think I have some projects coming up that will need that, but I always feel guilty about wasting fabric when I do that.

  7. very lovely! I couldn't have picked out the colors better myself. I am in awe at all the little touches that make it so cute!

  8. That bag is gorgeous! And your cousin is a very wise person: a bow makes everything prettier, it's true...well, apart from my bike gear maybe - I'd look a pratt with a bow on top of my helmet... ;-) xo

  9. Visiting from Skip to My Lou... You did a great job :-)

  10. Love the bag! So cute and summery!

  11. This is so cute. Great Job. Hope you have time to stop by and visit me at

  12. Great looking bag, I love the colours.

  13. The bag looks great, your cousin is lucky to have you able to make bags for her!

  14. i LOVE this! oh my gosh! it is so cute! great job! I found your blog through a link party and i LOVE it! I love making new blog friends! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would check out my blog and follow me too! Thanks!

  15. i love it:) the bow is great..she probably loves it!!!


  16. I just love this bag - maybe it is the yellow that draws me to it. Or maybe the bow! :) anyway, i am featuring you tomorrow so stop by!

  17. I love the bag and the fabrics she chose. and oh the bow, it's the icing on the cake! thanks for sharing this to TSWL!



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