Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Too Fat for the Mail Slot....

Remember the Sew Mama Sew giveaway day last month? I don't think I'd be lying if I told you that I entered hundreds of giveaways. Guess how many I won? Zero. Zilch. Nada. But you know what's better than winning random stuff from people whose blogs you're most likely not going to visit again? Winning stuff from people whose blogs you DO read (this makes it much more exciting). I won a few things right in a row so I thought I'd show them all to you in one post.

I won this little lovely over at Sew Christine. I just love the colors on that oilcloth! And the frame is one of those colored frames from Klein's in London. I wrote them once to see if they would ship to me if I ordered in bulk (it seems they just ship to UK) but I never heard back from them. Probably better that way - my plastic needs a break.

 I scored this little bunting from Helen at Serendipity Child. You could choose any word that you wanted for applique (within reason--although I still think that 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' would be rockin' on some bunting and I may just make one for the sheer ridiculousness of the endeavor :)  
I just happen to think that 'home' is one of the nicest words there is :)

This lot came from Kandipandi's Pad. There are some ultra-romantic buttons, some adorable ribbon (some of which has already been put to good use), and the first issue of the new UK craft mag 'Mollie Makes.' I subscribed almost as soon as I turned the last page. It was pricey, but it's a delight to look at and has stuff in it that is quick and cute to make. The only other magazine I get is 'Reminisce' (because I've got that old soul thing going on) so I thought this would be a bit more fun :)

This last one isn't a giveaway - but it's an adorably fun surprise sent to me by the ever-delightful Meream (who has recently been making me wish I wasn't allergic to cats). Here's how one should open such a surprise:

 Stare at this and wonder just what could be inside. Hum "My Favorite Things" to yourself while you think about this. Shake it and squeeze it if you must, but make sure you put it down and stare at it for a few minutes more before you open it.

 Realize what it is and do a little dance of glee.

Line them up like this because from the look on your father's face you realize that people who are not Russian nesting doll fiends might not know what it is unless they're un-nestled.

Be speechless, because how sweet is that? Also, I like the way the h's are connected to the preceding letters. I am going to try to do that as my printing lacks character.

So that's that. I finished up my next quilt block, so I'll be back to share once I get some decent pics. Ta for now!


  1. Wonderful winnings! I love the bag and am intrigued with the nesting babushkas..I wonder how you'll paint them up.

  2. omg, what a haul. I'm so jealous. I esp dig the alien eggs. (altho' my first thoughts were something else:D)

  3. Ohh!!!that's so sweet of her!!! I'm sure your nephew and you of course will jump right on it!!! Right?? You've been a lucky, lucky girl!!! You finished your next block?? I haven't even started mine yet!!! Can't wait to see it!! Hope you have a great day:)

  4. how cool are the unpainted 'dolls'. may have to get me some of those, my kids would love it!

  5. You lucky lady! Just so cute. I'm having a big ol love affair with oilcloth lately.

  6. nice loot! yea, I totally entered a TON and got the same...it was fun discovering new blogs I actually am still reading because they have awesome things to share! found yours on a linky party - love those too!

  7. Yaaay! Paint 'em already! ;-)

  8. I have just been introduced to Molly makes via a friends blog... I so want to have a look at one! You got some wonderful parcels. Have fun with the babushkas. :)



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