Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bling Sale!!

Hello, dearies!! If you take a look at the right sidebar you'll see that there is a banner ad there for Chunky Bling. They are a jewelry company that specializes in (American-made) interchangeable watch bands and faces so that you can get different looks from a few components. They also have bracelets, necklaces, and other fun jewelry. I have one of their rings with ruby-colored Swarovski beads and I love it! It has stretch to it (for my short fat fingers this is ideal - how am I just shy of 5'9 and have short fat fingers? I'd love to know...) and doesn't do the slip and slide like other rings, where the setting ends up underneath (hate that!). But back to my point - right now they're offering my readers a great deal on watches. Get a watch for just $19.95!! (sale link at end of this post). That's the band and the face - and you get to pick the ones that you want for a unique watch made to match your unique style. These watches normally run $30+ so that's a great savings right there, and the watch-bands are really quite pretty. Take a peek at some of them:

 I look at these and think nothing but "Mmmm...beach."

 This is probably the one that I'd get - red and white polka dots? Yes please!

 This one is called 'Christmas Candy.' I have a layer cake of a fabric line called Christmas Candy. I should probably get this so I can wear it while making my Christmas quilt and then snuggling under it.

 And can you get any more classic looking than this?

There is also a great variety of watch faces to choose from. It's almost as much fun as picking fabric (and maybe just as difficult to choose).

To take advantage of this sale (is it ever really too early to start Christmas shopping?) click HERE. It runs through July 12th so trot on over!

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