Thursday, July 14, 2011

Churn Dash Quilt Block

Happy almost Friday! Yeah, I can't wait for the weekend. I don't know why but this week has been very tiring. Work, and then lots of sewing, and ridiculous heat/humidity. Today, however, was beautiful--if summertime meant weather like today I wouldn't mind it at all (but I'd still love snow best. Just sayin').

I neglected to post my next quilt block for the We Can Do It sampler. It was a fairly simple one - the Churn Dash pattern. I tried to incorporate some new fabrics I had bought, but I'm feeling a little 'eh' about it:

The center block is a reaaaalllly white shade of white, whereas the cherries fabric is more of a softer shade of white. Once I have them all made and sewn together such details will barely be noticeable in the explosion of red and white. This is my least favorite of the three made so far (due to my fabric choice for the center block - not the actual block design itself). I am, however, pretty happy with the way the corners matched up for this one:

You can see the color contrast a bit more here, even with the reds. But again--once they're all together it won't draw a second glance (I'm going to keep telling myself that).

Up next - a little pressie I put together for my sister. I kind of don't want to give it to her...good thing I wrapped it already. Later, taters!


  1. It's super humid in Singapore too. Then it rains a little and gets even hotter. Yes, I've been there. I bought a friend a scarf and now I don't want to give it to her. It looks soooo good on me.

  2. aa!!! it's so sweet Beth!! eeeeeeeekkk!! I totally disagree with you, about the least liking from the three!!! I think it turned out lovely!!! oooo I can't wait to see how the sampler quilt will look all finished!!!
    You'll post about the pressie for your sister right?
    It's too hot these days here too... the fans are working overtime... since I don't want to use the a/c so much!!!
    Hope you have a great Friday:)

  3. That's really sweet and I love that cherry print fabric. Really nice work. Hope your Friday is good and your weekend even better ;-) xo

  4. I love your mix of fabrics, so cheery and fresh looking!



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