Sunday, February 26, 2012

Flutterby Diaper Bag

Hi, gang! I haven't posted for a few days due to my funk, but I'm moving forward in good stead and actually have a new project to share with you. I sewed my way through Saturday (writing down everything this time as I have a few orders lined up for the same style bag) and have one of the sweetest things to show you. Now, while I DO appreciate more alternative baby patterns and colors than the traditional blue and white or pink and white, the pretty candy colors of this bag made it a complete joy to see come together. I was asked for something with lavender, but all of the things I found were fairly old-ladyish looking. So I went with my gut and I hope this works out (I'll know tomorrow - it's for someone at work). So here she is:

I was working on this bag last week, but made so many mistakes as my mind was anywhere but my sewing table that I decided to start over. It came together yesterday fairly quickly, and will be even quicker next time because I took notes (I NEVER do that and I always regret it).

That butterfly fabric came in pink, yellow, green, and turquoise--if I didn't have the lavender instruction I would probably still be standing in Joann's trying to decide. The stripes were easy to choose. I grabbed that bolt and hugged it to my chest like people were going to be fighting me for it.

I am madly in love with the piping. There is something about the diagonal striping effect that comes from cutting the fabric on the bias that makes me giddy. Honestly, it does (and yes, I know, I'm a nerd). The only thing I'd change about the bag design is the elasticized pockets -- I need to place them a little bit lower to satisfy my own craziness, but they're fine where they are.

I have a hard time deciding on closures for diaper bags. I think that with all the stress on a diaper bag a magnetic snap would eventually tear. And for a zipper I wonder if it would limit how much you could put in one. Never having seen one of my diaper bags in action I don't know how to figure the best closure option, so I went with a simple tie. It keeps everything together, but the ties are long enough for the bag to open wider and still be tied shut.

I did some extra stitching on the straps and really liked the effect of it. What I didn't realize is that with these looooooong handles there would be a squillion stitches....but I like it a lot so I'll keep doing it anyway. It's just a LOT of stitching.

This side has regular slip pockets with a little extra room to them, and the other side has elasticized-top pockets:

These look like really shallow pockets but it's just the angle of the camera.

I used a pretty stiff interfacing on the lining to cope with the stress of the pockets, but I think it's a little too stiff. It makes the bag feel extremely structured, but I tend to like them a little squishier. Seeing as there is no way in anywhere I'm redoing this one AGAIN it'll just have to do. It's one of those things I know about that non-sewers probably wouldn't, but I guess there's a second thing I'd change about this bag - softer interfacing.

So there you have it. You're going to be seeing a fair few diaper bags in the next few weeks (all in different fabrics) as everyone in my world is having babies or grandbabies or grand-nieces or nephews... It's going to be quite a busy month for me, that's darn-tootin' (hehehe).

If you've made it this far in this long post you get the heads-up on a giveaway coming later this week. So make sure you stop on back for details.

I'm going to go start my new book. Have an easy-breezy Monday, my dears!

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  1. How beautiful! I adore the soft colors! Following from the Creative Bloggers Party and Hop.

  2. Love the diaper bag!!! The fabrics are so fun!!

  3. Oooo! I am in LOVE with the diaper bag... Did a great job like always♥

  4. Lovely Lovely Lovely Beth!!! Don't even question that she's not gonna love it!! I agree with Suze (above commenter)!!You did a super fine job once again:D
    I haven't been around for such a long time, and I've missed so much!! I' m really sorry for your loss Beth!! I know it's too early and that it hurts!
    Stay strong and creative:D
    Have a great week!!

  5. I love diapers bag thanks for share such kind of info with us, I hope every visitor will get best info from your this post..

    diapers for babies

  6. That's absolutely fantastic and the amount of detail and work that has gone into it is amazing! I know what it's like to try and make something when your mind is somewhere completely different - it generally ends in disaster. Better to leave it to another day.

    I hope you're well and managing to keep positive and happy. Wishing you a good week xo

  7. If you're concerned with the zipper limiting the amount of stuff you can put in the bag, you could still use the "suspension bridge" zipper you usually use but keep the head and tail of the zipper longer than the bridge. But I know some women don't like that. They tell it to my face. You know what? I never interface my lining. If wear and tear is an issue, I opt for twill which is a pretty expensive fabric for the inside.

  8. Looks great, and I hear you on writing the patterns down as I go - I'm getting better too!

  9. Beautiful bag! I actually have a LOT of experience with these (3 kids 'n all) so I thought I'd give my input. Soft-sided is nice, but stiffer helps keep the bag up when you're reaching into it with one hand. The other hand is almost always holding a kid. :o) Second; Keep the high pockets on the side. They hold bottles better! You want the bottles on the outside because they WILL leak (a little). That's all I got. Wish I had one of your bags way back when!

  10. Oh that bag is gorgeous! I am sorry your heart is hurting. Only time, my friend.
    PS The visual of your brother cowering in terror to a seagull had me in stitches!!

  11. that is just right for a diaper bag . that fabric is beautiful in that

  12. Another beautiful bag! I hope you'll stop over and share this one on the latest Mix it up Monday:

    See you soon :)

  13. I've never made bags before, but I've newly fallen in love with the idea. I love this bag you made, so many pockets! And I totally agree on the taking notes while you sew thing! Brilliant!

  14. Love this! We just posted our Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday link party and would love for you to stop by and share this...

  15. Saw this on the link party on A Vision to Remember. Lovely bag - and a great choice of fabrics. The striped piping is adorable!

  16. Stopping by from the Weekend Wrap UP Party!!!

  17. so cute, Bethany! I love the rainbow colors and spring feel of the bag! thanks for sharing!



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